No SCOTUS ruling on marriage today (LCAction)

From the Desk of
Mat Staver:

The two historic Supreme Court rulings on same-sex “marriage” that were expected to be released today were not among the cases addressed in today’s announcements. Now, we continue to wait for the Court’s rulings on marriage sometime before the end of this week.

Although the Court’s rulings will remain a matter of conjecture for a bit longer, there is good news developing for all of us who stand for natural marriage: Support for marriage the way God designed it is strong in our nation and Americans across the nation are saying so!

In anticipation of the High Court’s ruling, Christian leaders from many faith traditions are preemptively saying, “We support marriage as created and defined by God: One man and one woman” and are signing the powerful Marriage Solidarity Statement.

And, over 15,000 friends of Liberty Counsel Action have added their names to this vital initiative in just a few days!

The more than 200 leaders who have signed the Marriage Solidarity Statement include many nationally known ministries representing tens of millions of members. These are deeply concerned American leaders who are taking a bold stand for marriage that transcends religious doctrine and boundaries.

Why? Because we all believe that marriage is fundamental to human existence!

Like other natural laws or even the immutable laws of physics that govern our lives, marriage predates government, and civil institutions have no authority to redefine marriage.

Marriage cannot be redefined into something it is incapable of being. Any attempt to do so will result in the loss of authentic human freedom, particularly religious freedom, and will harm children and society.

The Marriage Solidarity Statement declares that the Christian community will stand together on this vital issue. Redefining marriage is a line we cannot and will not cross!

Join us today in signing the Marriage Solidarity Statement.

In the first two days we shared this vital document, over 15,000 friends of Liberty Counsel Action have already signed the pro-marriage statement. But we need every friend possible to join this historic effort!

If you have yet to sign, please join us today – and watch for my forthcoming reports on the Supreme Court rulings!

Thank you for taking immediate action with me and with your fellow believers from all over our nation standing in defense of marriage!

God bless you,

Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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