Now more than ever! (Liberty Counsel Action)

Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel Action

As we have already witnessed in this new year, we are bracing for a dramatic rise in the level of attacks on President Trump. The reason for these attacks is clear. The anti-faith activists are outraged by this President's profoundly pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-life agenda.
Mr. Trump has kept his pledge to restore order to our courts with strong nominations. The President has rejected and reversed Barack Obama's radical anti-family and anti-life agenda. He has fought vigorously to end anti-Christian discrimination in our government. And he has defended America and our principal allies, including Israel, no matter the level of international animosity he has faced.
But all these gains will be swept away if we are silent in 2018. Even worse, if we lose the battle for liberty this year, we likely will face a backlash against people of faith unlike anything we have yet seen.

With a renewed sense of boldness, Liberty Counsel Action's goal is to confront the issues, empower citizens, engage our representatives, and enforce our Constitution as, together, we usher in 2018.
We need your opinions today to make sure our elected officials KNOW where patriotic, pro-liberty, pro-life, and pro-family Americans stand on the key issues of the day! Click here to join us in developing our legislative mandate to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Your individual survey will be kept confidential and combined with those of thousands of other concerned citizens. These answers will be included in Liberty Counsel Action's Mandate to the 115th Congress. The cumulative results will be hand delivered to key elected officials and will be made available to the media upon request.
Perhaps most importantly, the results will give us great leverage in influencing public policy through lobbying, organizing petition campaigns, and other high-impact activities.

+ + The American people are tired of politicians and want principled leaders.

As we prepare our Mandate to the 115th Congress, your opinions are vitally important to us. The more surveys we receive, the greater our influence with Congress, the administration, federal and state judiciaries, and the court of public opinion.

Together, let's make sure that tin-eared politicians hear and heed to our legislative mandate to the 115th Congress.
God bless you and thank you for joining us!
Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action