Obama uses EPA to suppress gun rights (LCAction)

From the Desk of Mat Staver;
Liberty Counsel Action.

December 2, 2013

Using Chicago-style thuggery, President Obama recently deployed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to shut down a major source of material used in manufacturing ammunition. This is an overt back door assault on our Second Amendment rights by a federal agency! harryreid-prop-fb

Since Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has given Barack Obama a path to confirmation on over 180 leftist federal agency leaders and 50 new activist federal judges, the American people can be assured that almost anything Barack Obama wants done, he’ll be able to accomplish through federal regulations.

If President Obama has his way, buying ammunition for weapons protected by the Second Amendment could get increasingly difficult.

The EPA has targeted the Doe Run Company, the only remaining primary lead smelter in the United States. The EPA’s stringent regulations (some would say absurdly stringent) would have caused the company to shell out more than $100 million to comply – or shut down. The Herculaneum, Missouri, company, operating since 1892, has reluctantly chosen to shut down.

According to The Daily Caller, The Doe Run Company is the only remaining smelter in the United States that can produce lead bullion from raw lead ore. “The lead bullion is then sold to lead product producers, including ammunition manufactures, for use in conventional ammunition components such as projectiles, projectile cores, and primers.”

This is a back-door assault on the Second Amendment!

Earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Security was cited for buying 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, sparking inflated munitions costs.

Former Congressman and combat commander Allen West took note of the EPA’s recent actions and offered this commentary through Breitbart…

“It seems this is fully in concert with the U.S. Military and Homeland Defense recent purchase of large quantities of ammunition.

The effect is chilling: you can own all the guns you want, but if you can’t get ammo, you are out of luck. Remember when President Obama promised his minions that he was working on gun control behind the scenes? Welcome to it. The result is that all domestically mined lead ore will have to be shipped overseas, refined, and then shipped back to the US.”

Of course, imported ammunition would be subject to trade regulations and possible additional Obama administration restrictions. Thus, never having to face the inconvenience of passing through the People’s Congress, Barack Obama could achieve gun control!

Utilizing frontal assaults or backdoor tactics, our constitutionally protected rights are under assault by the Obama administration. Whatever actions he can’t get through Congress, he’s increasingly able to achieve through executive action using his myriad federal agencies.

We must take action to stop this travesty!

Tomorrow the United States Senate, under the tyranny of Harry Reid, begins its final 2013 session. Among the order of business will be the confirmation of over 180 bureaucrats and 50 judicial ideologues.

The President intends to get as many nominations as possible through while he has this window of opportunity.

In essence, Barack Obama has been handed the power to get confirmation of his ideological clones for whatever positions of power he can find for them.

We are calling upon all patriots to rise up and stand against Harry Reid’s dismissal of the longstanding rules governing the Senate. His sole purpose in changing the rules was to ramrod through Obama’s nominees, the first of whom will be brought to the Senate floor very soon.

I believe that a massive public outcry will gain the attention of the senators who went along with this travesty and make them realize that they will be held accountable!

Please take a moment right now and utilize the powerful LCA Fax Barrage system to tell Harry Reid, your two state senators, and other key members of the senior chamber that you oppose Reid’s tyrannical actions – and the ramrodding of Obama’s leftist nominees through the Senate.

Barack Obama is using federal agencies to ramrod his radical leftist agenda.

The EPA has become one of several agencies commissioned by the President to inflict relentless pressure on American business and individuals…

In 2011, armed federal agents dressed in SWAT gear under orders from Eric Holder and the Department of Justice raided Gibson Guitars in Nashville for allegedly violating another country’s laws by importing improperly handled exotic wood.

The DOJ shut down the company for almost a month. Although Gibson admitted no intentional wrongdoing, under a criminal enforcement agreement they were forced to pay over $300,000 in fines. This was clearly a politicized assault as the head of Gibson Guitars is a well-known Republican supporter and the raid took place during the same timeframe as the IRS targeting of conservative organizations.

Although Martin Guitars uses the same wood, they were untouched by the DOJ. The head of Martin Guitars is a Democrat Party supporter.

The DOJ, under the politicized leadership of Barack Obama and his acolyte Eric Holder, is one of the most corrupt federal agencies in the history of our nation.

Eric Holder has been engaged in…

Advancing leftist ideologies, espousing racial favoritism, suing states over so-called “discriminatory” voter ID laws, targeting pro-life and conservative organizations and values, advancing the unconstitutional ObamaCare law for the White House, failing to uphold natural marriage while advancing the homosexual agenda, and illegally targeting media reporters.

I would call that an effective all-out assault on the constitutionally protected rights of American citizens with the endorsement and protection of the President himself!

The IRS suppression of conservative groups and voices is among the most egregious violations of the public trust in the history of America.

The destabilizing of industries associated with our Second Amendment right to bear arms by a federal agency (the EPA) is just the latest example of Barack Obama’s insatiable will to squash his adversaries.

Make no mistake: The naked power grab by Harry Reid in using the “nuclear option” will rapidly advance Obama’s leftist transformation of our nation.

Harry Reid will one day be seen as the worse Senate Majority Leader in American history! In fact, he may well have actually caused the death of the Senate’s ability to perform its function under the Constitution.

Your message to Stop Harry Reid’s tyranny and to oppose Barack Obama’s leftist federal appointments and judicial nominees is included in the fax messaging to the Senate.

Click here to send your faxes today. Even if you have already done so, please go here to make a powerful statement.

It will take a massive number of American patriots to stand against the tyranny of the Obama/Reid machine but Liberty Counsel Action will not back down! God bless you for standing for up our nation as it is being overtaken from within.

Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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