Palestinian “pay for slay” is still in play.

June 17, 2017
From the desk of Mat Staver,
Christians in Defense of Israel

Palestinian leaders have drawn a line in the sand and declared that they will not cease their “pay for slay” payment program for acts of terror. This, in spite of verbal pressure from the U.S. and Israel to cut Palestinian “aid” money.

It’s time for our government to raise the stakes. U.S. taxpayer “aid” money to the Palestinians must be conditioned on an end to subsidies for terror.

In a dramatic turn of events earlier this week …

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that the Palestinian Authority (PA) “changed that policy and their intent is to cease the payments to the families of those who have committed murder or violence against others.”

Palestinian leaders responded by defiantly denying that any such deal had been reached. “We reject ending the subsidies to the prisoners and families of martyrs. We will not apologize for it,” as reported by the Times of Israel.
Secretary Tillerson then told congressional leaders that the U.S. is doubling down on the PA, “You either take care of this yourself or someone else will take care of it for you.”

Instead, Palestinian President Abbas redirected the payments for terror “from the Palestinian Authority to the Palestine Liberation Organization — an umbrella group for Palestinian factions,” also reported by the Times of Israel. “Abbas is the head of both the PA and the PLO.”

+ + President Abbas’ acts leaves no doubt what must be done!

Right now, the Israeli government is moving forward with a bill to cut Palestinian Authority funding due to their terror payments. It’s time that the United States government enact a similar measure.The House and Senate Foreign Relations Committees are reviewing a bill designed to stop the flow of American taxpayer “aid” money to the Palestinian Authority until they cease their payments for acts of terror and denounce all acts of violence against Israel.Christians in Defense of Israel is calling for the immediate passage of this legislation and that it be delivered to President Trump’s desk for his signature.

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+ + No more bonuses for butchery!

Sen. Ted Cruz says the Palestinians give over $300 million to terrorists and their families. Since the U.S. provides over $700 million of direct and indirect aid to the Palestinians, our tax dollars are footing the bill to reward terrorists who kill American and Israeli citizens!

According to The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Palestinians see the readiness of Western nations to keep funding them and to turn a blind eye toward funding terrorism as a green light to continue terror and education in hate.

Turning a blind eye to these horrific acts while we pay the Palestinians in “aid” money is costing all of us!

This simply must stop!

Time is limited to take action! Please join with us in signing CIDI’s petition calling for Congress to demand that the Palestinians stop funding terrorism or we’ll stop our funding to them! One click here and your name will be immediately and automatically added to the petition

Thank you for joining with us!

God bless you.  God bless the USA. God bless Israel.
Mat Staver, President
Christians in Defense of Israel

P.S. Among those killed last year by a Palestinian terrorist was U.S. Army veteran and decorated war hero, Taylor Force, who was murdered in a vicious attack that left 10 others wounded in Tel Aviv. The murderer was praised as a hero by Palestinian officials. His family is now being rewarded through their “bonus for butchery” incentives.

The time for action is now. No more verbal deception from the Palestinian leadership while we help fund their acts of terror!

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