Palestinians double down on “Pay to Slay” (CIDI)

Sept. 12, 2017
From the desk of Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel

Palestinian leaders have doubled down on their heinous “Pay to Slay” program of money for murder. Incredibly, they are vowing to keep paying for acts of terror against Israelis.

Last month, following the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s approval of the Taylor Force Act, which will effectively block funding to the Palestinians unless they end their “Pay to Slay” policy, the Palestinian Authority defied the Senate action: “The [Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)] will continue its national, moral, and humanitarian responsibility towards the occupation’s victims, the victims of the organized state terror, and the victims of the herds of settlers and their terror organizations…”

And P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas is just as obstinate. “I don’t intend to cease payment for families of prisoner martyrs, even if it costs me my seat,” he said. “I will continue to pay them until my last day.”

The Palestinian Authority has now devoted almost half of its foreign “aid” money to rewarding acts of terror against Israelis and innocent bystanders, as was the case in the death of American war hero Taylor Force, for whom the bill is named.

Despite the potential passage of the Taylor Force Act and appeals by the Trump administration to Palestinian leaders to cease their perverse “Pay to Slay” practice, they have drawn a line in the sand — and so the United States must act accordingly.

But will it?

+ + Now is the time for the Senate to take action on behalf of the Taylor Force Act!

Before any more “aid” money is sent to the Palestinians to use to fund and inspire acts of terror, the United States government MUST STOP turning a blind eye to these actions that are against international law and horrifically unconscionable.

As of today, we need 5,000 more signatures to reach our first goal for the STOP TAXPAYER FUNDING OF PALESTINIAN TERRORISM AGAINST ISRAEL petition before we deliver the petition to key members of Congress. Click here to be added to the petition.

stop anti-israel terror funding HERE

+ + No more money to the Palestinians for acts of murder!

The Senate’s Taylor Force Act restricts U.S. economic aid to the West Bank and Gaza until the Palestinian Authority stops paying terrorists guilty of violence against Israelis and Americans. Of the hundreds of millions of dollars the United States currently gives the PA in aid annually, the Taylor Force Act would allow only the portions designated for security assistance and humanitarian aid to remain in place.

There has never been a better time for Congress to pass the Taylor Force Act. Right now in the Senate there are 16 Republican and 6 Democrat co-sponsors of the Taylor Force Act getting us that much closer to a 60 vote threshold if all Republicans vote for the measure.

Before our next petition delivery to the Senate, I encourage you to join with us in this vital pro-Israel initiative.

stop anti-israel terror funding HERE

Thank you for joining with us!

God bless you.  God bless the USA. God bless Israel.

Mat Staver, President
Christians in Defense of Israel

P.S. Palestinian leadership has drawn a line in the sand and REJECTED the United States’ calls for them to cease and desist their “Pay to Slay” policy. Now it’s past time for our lawmakers and the Trump administration to declare the Palestinian Authority a “terror-sponsoring organization” — and defund the PA until they verifiably cease their “Pay to Slay” payments, and stop inciting terror against the Israelis.

We cannot knowingly reward acts of terrorism like the one that tragically took the life of American serviceman Taylor Force. “Pay to Slay” must end.

The Petition States:
I join with many other pro-Israel Americans in calling for the passage of the Taylor Force Act. The Palestinians must be held accountable for their egregious law that authorizes payments to individuals and their families who commit acts of terrorism against American and Israeli citizens. Economic aid must cease unless the Palestinian Authority stops its outrageous practice of rewarding terrorists and their families with financial aid. No more money for murder!

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