Religious Freedom in ACLU’s crosshairs (LCAction)

Anti-religious liberties groups are working overtime to bully President Trump and prevent him from releasing a breakthrough executive order protecting religious liberty. At the forefront of this anti-faith movement is the ACLU.
We are rallying pro-faith citizens to fight for the protection of our constitutional rights! Join us by adding your name to an Open Letter to President Trump urging him to stand for religious liberty and issue the executive order. Click here to add your name.

A draft of President Trump’s executive order protecting religious liberty was leaked through the leftist media in an effort to build momentum against the order even before it is released… and apparently it’s working!

Here is part of what the ACLU wrote in a recent fundraising email:

“Last week a leaked draft of a new presidential executive order circulated. It’s a license to discriminate against women and LGBT people. We’re ready to sue if President Trump signs.It funds, authorizes, and promotes religiously-motivated discrimination against same-sex couples, transgender people, and people seeking reproductive health care. If we mount a strong enough resistance now, we have a chance to stop this order in its tracks.

The leaked draft is a warning that this White House thinks it can actively encourage and legitimize discrimination.”


+ + The president needs our support. This is OUR call to action!

Liberty Counsel Action’s contacts in the Trump administration are now specifically asking for pro-religious liberty citizens to speak out loudly in support of this pending order.

We are notifying our team members of the request and asking you to stand with us through our Open Letter to President Trump supporting his executive order on religious liberty. We want to deliver 50,000 co-signatures of our Open Letter directly to the White House.

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Additionally, Liberty Counsel Action is launching a multi-media campaign to reach up to 5 million pro-faith citizens to take a stand.  We are rallying pro-faith citizens to take action before our religious liberty is decimated by powerful secularist organizations, anti-faith government agencies, and our courts.

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Thank you for taking this vital step with us.

Yours for liberty,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S.  It is imperative that we have every friend of Liberty Counsel Action on onboard with this campaign. The sacred right to religious liberty and freedom of conscience was the First Amendment enshrined in our Constitution – and it is non-negotiable.

Click here to read the text of the Open Letter and to add your name.