Senators say war imminent (CIDI)

From the desk of Mat Staver,
Christians in Defense of Israel

President Trump's meeting Monday at the White House with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu comes as U.S. senators warn of an"imminent proxy war between Israel and Iran." We are hand delivering our Proclamation of Blessing and Prayer for Israel to the White House and the Israeli Embassy TOMORROW. Time is of the essence to add your name to this tremendous statement of support. Click here to immediately and automatically add your name

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As reported by, a bipartisan group of senators returning from the Middle East have issued a dire warning: "We must 'stop the Iran-Assad machine' — War between Israel and Iranian proxy forces is imminent!"

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) warned that the conflict is escalating. "'The tempo in terms of potential for conflict in Syria has gone up; the technologies Iran is projecting into Syria and southern Lebanon has gone up; Iran's willingness to be provocative, to push the edges of the envelope, to challenge Israel, has gone up…'"

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said of a meeting with Israeli officials, "'Any time you leave a meeting where the request is ammunition, ammunition, ammunition, that's probably not good… Israel's worst nightmare is to have Assad forces with Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard elements on their border' Graham said. 'It's in our interest to stop the Iran-Assad machine.'"

As I mentioned in an earlier message, Israel is squarely in the crosshairs of Iran and its proxies in Syria and Lebanon, as well as Hamas operating out of Gaza. Recent satellite imagery reveals yet another Iranian military base being built near Damascus with hangars that could house deadly missiles capable of striking Israel, as reported by FoxNews.

+ + And, the war of words is escalating:

Just seven days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu cautioned Iran "not to test Israel's resolve" while he held up wreckage from an Iranian drone recently downed by Israel's defense forces.  

Also last week, Iran announced plans for its International Hourglass Festival, dedicated exclusively to counting down to the "imminent collapse of the Zionist regime."

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