Serious Challenge (Liberty Counsel)

Thursday Morning:

We are facing a serious challenge just as we encounter some of the most intense attacks we’ve yet seen on both Liberty Counsel and people of faith across the country.

As I’m sure you know, we are facing a full-scale legal assault in the form of an outrageous lawsuit that is being spearheaded by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC is one of the most virulent and well-funded anti-faith groups in the country, and they they have targeted both Liberty Counsel and me personally. This lawsuit is designed to send a message that anyone who dares to oppose the radical LGBTQ agenda will be punished!

At the same time, we are fighting key battles from coast to coast that bring Liberty Counsel into courtroom conflicts against many of the groups that are most hostile to people of faith, including Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and George Soros-funded entities.

We must successfully fight this multi-front battle. And I must defend Liberty Counsel against any intensely hostile attack from the SPLC that is designed to punish or even destroy Liberty Counsel.

To make matters even more critical, Liberty Counsel is facing a serious June 30 fiscal year-end shortfall that must be met by the end of this month to help ensure that we remain fully engaged in these battles.

+ + Breakthrough to help meet this challenge!

Liberty Counsel is facing a serious challenge this month.

Fortunately, some dear friends have stepped forward in a way that can help us meet our fiscal year-end need. These friends have offered to Liberty Counsel a $125,000 Challenge Grant to help in these fights and to help meet our fiscal year-end need. When our online team responds to this providential challenge this month, this special grant will provide $250,000 in urgently needed funds.

So here’s my challenge to you…

We must raise $125,000 by the end of this month to reach the Challenge Grant goal so we can have the full allotment of funds to meet the fiscal year-end need while we fight off attacks from the SPLC and others.

With just two weeks remaining in the month, I’m turning to you for help…

Will you prayerfully consider standing with us to meet this critical June Challenge Grant so we can fight these critical battles to “Save Liberty”? Please go here now:

Help save liberty challenge

+ + Double your impact for Liberty!

This is a unique opportunity to effectively double your impact during what is one of the most critical seasons of battle that Liberty Counsel has yet faced.

Right now, we are preparing for the likely next phase of our battle in the outrageous lawsuit against Liberty Counsel by LBGTQ activists. This SPLC-headed attack has already consumed hours upon hours of legal resources. But I must commit every necessary resource to this fight, while I keep Liberty Counsel lawyers fully engaged in other crucial battles for faith, family, life, and liberty.

That’s why it is so critical that we meet this $125,000 Fiscal Year-End Challenge Grant. But I cannot meet this goal without friends like you going the “extra mile” with me.
Can I count on your support? Please prayerfully consider making a special gift by going here. As always, your contribution is tax-deductible. And the impact of your gift will be effectively doubled by the generous challenge grant.

Thank you so much for your faithful support of Liberty Counsel, and may God richly bless you!

Mat Staver

P.S. This $125,000 Challenge Grant comes at a critical time in Liberty Counsel’s history. But I must raise corresponding gifts from our team by the end of this month. That leaves us just a few weeks. Can you help? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift today by check or credit card:

Help save liberty challenge

Special Opportunity
If you have been blessed by the Lord and are looking for a way to make a substantial contribution of $5,000 or more, now is the time! The impact of your gift will effectively be doubled by the Challenge Grant. Please go here and my team will contact you soon. If you prefer, you can always make your contribution by credit card or check here.