SHOCK: 200 million Christians persecuted worldwide

From the Desk of:
Mat Staver, President
Liberty Relief International
Dear Friend,

Disturbing reports surfaced this past week that North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, is executing Christians and people of other faiths for refusing to worship him as a “living god.” The news comes on the heels of another alarming statistic. One of our Christ-centered partners in the Middle East told Liberty Relief International (LRI) recently that at least 200 million Christians worldwide are being persecuted for their faith:

Persecution against Christians has never been greater. But we are on the ground in the most hostile places, poised and ready to come alongside persecuted believers with help and hope!

Three years ago, in the wake of a humanitarian crisis that was unprecedented in modern history, we formed LRI to help persecuted believers rebuild their shattered lives in northern Iraq, Syria, and other areas affected by ISIS evil. Today, we’re still going strong, sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ with those suffering under oppression and brutality in the Middle East.

+ + The MIRACLE HARVEST Of Souls Continues In The Middle East!

The need for God’s Word in war-torn and ISIS-ravaged nations continues to be urgent. Through a key ministry partner, we received a report from a Middle East missionary, who said, “There is a huge thirst. Everywhere we go, people ask for Bibles.” That’s why LRI is involved in an ongoing effort to provide copies of God’s Word for persecuted Christians, new believers with Muslim backgrounds, and spiritual seekers in the region.

The Western Church MUST support this MIRACLE HARVEST! Tens of thousands of Muslims are risking everything to turn from Islam and follow Jesus, while hundreds of thousands of mature Christians are being persecuted for their faith in the Middle East. You can help by sponsoring Bibles for these brothers and sisters!
LRI’s Christ-centered partner can deliver copies of God’s Word inside Muslim-majority nations for just $5 each! Please take action, right now, to help advance the gospel in places where men, women, and even children often risk their lives by accepting Christ as Savior.

Please click here or on the banner below to sponsor Bibles and other critical resources for new believers, persecuted Christians, and spiritual seekers in the Middle East with your tax-deductible gift of any amount to LRI:


This incredible move of the Holy Spirit is resulting in the most amazing harvests of souls in modern history. Through LRI’s partnerships with other Christ-centered organizations in the region, you can help provide practical relief while sharing God’s love with persecuted Christians, new believers with Muslim backgrounds, and spiritual seekers.

As of this morning, LRI is far short of our August fundraising goal. We have just ten days to raise an additional $10,000 over and above our normal operating expenses to support the MIRACLE HARVEST in the Middle East this month. Please help us reach our goal by making a tax-deductible donation of ANY AMOUNT today. Click here to give now.

Please help feed the Word of God to men, women, and children searching for light in the darkness of evil. Thank you, in advance, for your faithful prayers and generous support.


P.S. The number of persecuted Christians worldwide (200 million) is more than half the entire population of the United States (326 million). These brothers and sisters need our help, and so do the thousands of Muslims coming to Christ as part of an amazing MIRACLE HARVEST of souls in the Middle East. Again, a Christ-centered LRI partner can carry Bibles to the front lines in Muslim-majority nations for just $5 each. Your gift of $50 or even $25 can help feed the Word of God to persecuted Christians, new believers with Muslim backgrounds, and spiritual seekers. Please click here or on the logo below to make your tax-deductible donation now, as we continue other vital outreaches: