(Shock) ACLU says NO to ultrasounds! (Liberty Counsel)

The ACLU is SO RADICAL that it has filed suit against a new law requiring ultrasounds before abortions!

That’s right. The ACLU is working to block a Kentucky law that simply requires those seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound, saying they are “suing to keep politicians out of the exam room.” What they are really doing is sending in their deep-pocket legal teams to keep women in the dark and hide the gruesome truth about abortion!

This is the nature of this radical group that is the BIGGEST THREAT to life, liberty, and family in America. Now armed with $47 million in post-election legal war chest funds, the ACLU is pushing to advance its radical agenda like never before.

Simply put, I urgently need your help.

Liberty Counsel is like “David” fighting the “Goliath” of the ACLU. We are in courtrooms across the country against the ACLU and others, protecting life, defending our families, and preserving our liberties.

But as I noted a few days ago, Liberty Counsel faces a critical funding need…

In order to ensure that we are on a firm footing to fight back against the ACLU and others, Liberty Counsel must raise $250,000 from our online team during the first 100 days of the new Trump administration. And more immediately, we need $40,000 by the end of January to help make up for our current budget shortfall!

Can I count on your help?

Please consider making your best possible tax-deductible gift right now so we can STAND AGAINST THE ACLU’S ATTACKS and continue other vital efforts. Go here:
fight aclu

+ + Far Worse Than Anyone Anticipated…

As I shared with you a few days ago, our battle against the ACLU is far worse than even we anticipated. The ACLU’s new “7-Point Plan Of Action” is the most radical anti-life, anti-marriage, and anti-family legal agenda we have seen — and it is backed by the ACLU’s new $47 million legal war chest! Plus, the ACLU’s director openly pledged to “go on the offense” and “litigate everything we possibly can.”

Liberty Counsel has a plan in place to fight and defeat the ACLU’s radical agenda in court. We can do it on a fraction of their $47 million war chest. But we cannot do it without the help of friends like you — especially as we face a critical need this month as part of our $250,000 funding goal for these first 100 days of the new administration.

That’s why I’m turning to you for help…

This is absolutely critical. I must expand our legal efforts immediately to fight back against the ACLU’s radical agenda. But to do so, I must meet our immediate funding need this month.

Thank you so much for your prayers, and for your ongoing support.

Mat Staver

P.S. The ACLU’s newest anti-life lawsuit is a reminder of how important it is to fight in courtrooms across the country. Please help me meet our immediate $40,000 need by the end this month. Go here to make your tax-deductible gift and help me fight back!

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