SHOCK: We could LOSE to Planned Parenthood (Liberty Counsel)

I wish I didn’t have to bring this news to you.

We could completely lose the battle to stop Planned Parenthood’s horrific practice of harvesting and selling aborted baby body parts.

And unless we take action NOW, I am concerned that we might miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expose and defeat this despicable organization.

Here’s what’s happening…

+ + How we could LOSE to Planned Parenthood.

Two years ago, The Center for Medical Progress began releasing a series of deeply disturbing undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood executives coldly talking about harvesting organs and attempting to sell body parts from aborted babies. The videos exposed the dark underbelly of the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood’s despicable trafficking of aborted babies’ body parts.

As I’m sure you recall, the news shocked the nation. Congressional hearings and investigations were launched by both the House and Senate. These investigative bodies found evidence of “several Planned Parenthood affiliates and companies involved in fetal tissue transfers,” and that criminal acts had taken place.

Congress called for the FBI to take action “for investigation and possible prosecution.” But thanks to former President Obama — and Planned Parenthood’s aggressive counter-punching strategy (more on that in a moment) — NOTHING to date has happened!

Now, many more months have passed, and there has been no action against Planned Parenthood whatsoever.

+ + Can’t blame Obama anymore…

Through last year, it was easy to blame Mr. Obama for the lack of action against Planned Parenthood. Without a doubt, his administration’s Justice Department ignored Congress’ requests for an investigation and were grossly negligent in enforcing the law.

But those excuses don’t apply anymore.

In fact, the situation is worse, because Planned Parenthood has received a huge surge in funding support and is mounting one of the most aggressive counter campaigns against pro-life Americans we’ve yet witnessed. Planned Parenthood’s legal team immediately went on the attack against those who exposed their horrific deeds, including Liberty Counsel’s client, Sandra Merritt, who now faces more than a dozen CRIMINAL charges being pushed by the California Attorney General, who is in the back pocket of… Planned Parenthood!

The fact is, Planned Parenthood is on the verge of SUCCEEDING in its strategy of demonizing anyone who dares to expose their horrific practices or threatens to stop their $500 million pipeline of taxpayer funding. And the proof is the fact that the GOP Congress and the Trump Administration have still not taken action to investigate Planned Parenthood’s horrific practices!

+ + I’ve had enough!

Inaction is not an option. I simply cannot sit by silently and let Planned Parenthood bully their opponents, along with members of Congress and even the Trump administration, into silence.

That’s why Liberty Counsel is taking URGENT ACTION in the next 45 days to DEMAND THAT THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION FORMALLY LAUNCH a full investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices of engaging in the trafficking of human baby body parts.

But without your voice and the voice of tens of thousands of other concerned citizens, our efforts will not succeed. We must take this demand to the Justice Department with the backing of a “citizen army” from across the country.

Can I count on your help in this critical matter?

Please take a moment right now to sign with ONE CLICK our “INVESTIGATE PLANNED PARENTHOOD” petition so we can include your petition in our important delivery to Justice Department officials later this month:
Investigate Planned Parenthood
I have instructed my team at Liberty Counsel to take this demand directly to Justice Department officials. But in order to maximize the impact of our demand, we simply must have at least 50,000 citizens standing with us in our urgent petition calling on the FBI to INVESTIGATE Planned Parenthood!

If you share my concern for the unborn and want to stop Planned Parenthood, then please take a moment right now to sign our INVESTIGATE PLANNED PARENTHOOD petition by clicking here.


We are in real danger of LOSING this battle to Planned Parenthood. Unless citizens across the nation rise up and demand a full investigation and accountability, Planned Parenthood will get away with trafficking in baby body parts while they reap over $500 million from taxpayers like you and me!

Please… take action today!

God bless,

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman,
Liberty Counsel

P.S.. Planned Parenthood is going scot free and we must fight back. Help me expose their horrific practices by signing our INVESTIGATE PLANNED PARENTHOOD petition today. I want to add an additional 20,000 petitions in the next 72 hours to maximize our impact. Click here to automatically sign the INVESTIGATE PLANNED PARENTHOOD petition and have it delivered to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Andrew McCabe, FBI Acting Director, and key members of Congress.

Investigate Planned Parenthood

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