Shocking Planned Parenthood legal “gauntlet” (Liberty Counsel)

Thursday Morning:

Quick update and a favor to ask.

We are now just four days away from the July 17 arraignment date (this coming Monday!) in Sandra’s case. That means Liberty Counsel’s legal team is working to finalize yet another Motion To Dismiss — this time on the 14 re-filed charges from the biased California Attorney General.

Let me be clear. These charges against Sandra each carry the potential of real jail time. And given that Sandra is coming up against the full force of the state of California’s legal resources (and its $440+ million budget), we must fight back with every possible resource.

The fact is, Sandra faces an extremely difficult legal “gauntlet” that has already involved three jurisdictions, dozens of charges and filings, Planned Parenthood’s massively funded abortion machine, and hundreds of hours of legal work by our attorneys.

We can and will win this fight against Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby. But I need the help of every Liberty Counsel friend and partner right now so I can keep our legal team fully engaged in defending Sandra while we fight on dozens of other fronts for life, liberty, and family.

So here’s the favor I’m asking

I want to show Sandra that she is not alone in this fight. Imagine how she would react if we could tell her on Monday that 10,000 people signed our “I Stand With Sandra” statement of support in just the past few days! Would you take a moment to sign the statement so we can encourage Sandra as she fights this Planned Parenthood “gauntlet”?
Go here:


If you want to also add a personal note of encouragement to Sandra, go here:

I know Sandra (and our entire team) will be greatly encouraged to hear from thousands of our Liberty Counsel friends. Thank you once again for your prayers and support on behalf of Sandra — and for all you are doing to advance liberty in our land!

May God richly bless you,

Mat Staver