Soros funded dossier on Trump? (Liberty Counsel Action)

Mat Staver,
Liberty Counsel Action

According to a Russian billionaire, “George Soros, a major financier of liberal causes, is funding Fusion GPS, the firm that orchestrated the Christopher Steele dossier,” as reported by the Washington Times.

The Steele dossier was used by Barack Obama’s Department of Justice to obtain a FISA warrant to conduct surveillance into Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia.

And the level of corruption goes even deeper, according to the Times:

“The Soros connection was asserted by Oleg Deripaska, a Russian aluminum magnate whose name pops up from time to time in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation.Fox News acquired secret text messages between Sen. Mark Warner, Virginia Democrat and Senate Select Committee on Intelligence vice chairman, and Washington attorney Adam Waldman. Mr. Waldman represents Mr. Deripaska.

[Senator] Warner used Mr. Waldman as a go-between to reach Mr. Steele, a former British spy to whom the committee wants to speak. The back-and-forth from Warner to Waldman to Steele did not appear to be productive.”

It’s certainly not a stretch to believe that ultra-Liberal Billionaire George Soros joined forces with the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton campaign to fund the Steele Dossier used to launch the investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion. Soros recently pledged $18 billion to advance the work of liberal groups and causes.

+ + We are calling for a Special Counsel to “Investigate the Investigators”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on FoxNews last week that he “‘will consider’ naming a second special counsel to probe the FBI and Justice Department’s investigations…” The Attorney General’s response came after Republican members of Congress called on him to commission a Special Counsel to “investigate the investigators.”

In light of this latest announcement by AG Sessions, Liberty Counsel Action will deliver our INVESTIGATE THE CLINTON-FBI ANTI-TRUMP COLLUSION! petition to the Attorney General THIS WEEK, if we can amass enough signatures.

Right now we are 11,000 signatures short of making an optimal impact on this vital matter.

If you AGREE that we must get to the bottom of this Clinton-FBI-Obama-DNC witch hunt against President Trump, then click here to automatically sign our “Investigate the Clinton-FBI Anti-Trump Collusion” petition.

Unless we maintain ongoing pressure, there will be no accountability!

Please… get on board with this initiative while there is new momentum.

Thank you for joining us in this aggressive initiative!

Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. The Investigate Clinton-FBI Anti-Trump Collusion petitions will be delivered to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and congressional leaders THIS WEEK, when, we believe, we will have enough signers to make a substantial impact. Click here to read and manually sign the petition.