SPLC Updates “Groups We Hate” Map

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Map” falsely targeted an Iowa town placing the town’s people in the crosshairs of suspicion and endangered their wellbeing. The allegations proved to be false, but not before the damage was done to the town’s reputation.

In spite of the SPLC’s unaccountable “Hate Group” designation that wrongfully lumps Neo-Nazi groups in with pro-family Christian organizations, they now have the media and a powerful contingency of leftists supporting and endorsing their work. This is a very dangerous trend.

Amana, Iowa, was placed on the SPLC’s “Hate Map” because there were allegations that representatives from a white supremacist group met there for coffee. The SPLC blacklisted the community and forced the town’s people to live under a cloud a suspicion because of the improper, sweeping accusation of the SPLC.

When the allegations were proven to be false, the SPLC this week admitted its fault and updated their “Hate Map.” But the damage was done.

The SPLC makes wide generalizations that harm those besmirched by its self-interested classification of others.

For instance, the SPLC targets anyone who disagrees with them on issues related to the LGBT agenda. It justifies civil disagreement as “evidence” for falsely classifying a peaceful organization as being “hateful.”

The SPLC’s insidious designation of Liberty Counsel as a “Hate Group,” and placing us on their “Hate Map,” endangers the wellbeing of our employees and handicaps our legal work on behalf of life, liberty, and family.

But, the most pressing danger is that the SPLC’s “fake hate” campaign may well succeed at bullying and silencing people of faith across this land! If the “hate” label is allowed to stick, then Christian people and ultimately our Christian faith will be associated with hate and anti-faith groups will use this to silence our voice!

That’s why I’m determined to fight back in every possible way against an avalanche of SPLC-inspired attacks.

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+ + Sadly, the SPLC’s influence is growing.

For the past few weeks, our Liberty Counsel lawyers have been fighting back against an AVALANCHE of new attacks, seemingly all inspired by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) fraudulent labeling of Liberty Counsel and other pro-family groups as “hate” groups.

A search of news postings over the past month alone reveals hundreds of stories fanning the flames of the SPLC’s hate campaign, which is now being backed by high-profile donations from deep-pocket donors like Apple, JP Morgan, and others after the Charlottesville tragedy.

Liberty Counsel has specifically been targeted by the SPLC “fake hate” crusade.

These are momentous times. If we don’t take decisive action to defend our liberties, the tide will turn against people of faith in our culture. We cannot allow the SPLC’s “fake hate” campaign against pro-faith and pro-family citizens to win the day.Please ask the Lord how you can help. And then go here to make your best possible gift.

God bless,

Mat Staver

P.S. In addition to our many ministries, Liberty Counsel’s humanitarian relief program is helping victims of Hurricane Harvey, regardless of their beliefs, status, background, or actions. In contradistinction to the SPLC’s false characterization of Liberty Counsel, we are reaching out with kindness and christian charity to all Americans.

If the SPLC were intellectually honest, it whould re-title its “Hate Map” into “Groups We Hate Map.”

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Image: Screen Grab: Mapquest.com