Stealth Creation of Government Indoctrination Camps Underway

  • By Anita Staver
  • August 2013 Issue

“But it shall come to pass, if you do not obey the voice of the Lord your God…your sons and daughters shall be given to another people.”
— Deuteronomy 28: 15, 32

Most Americans are blissfully unaware that dangerous, anti-God indoctrination camps have been opened in every state in our nation!

A further outrage: You and I are being forced to support these socialist camps that threaten our nation’s very survival.

Under the guise of bringing positive reform, these camps are undermining the American way of life. Every day, mil­lions of helpless people are taken there on busses to be brainwashed and victimized. In fact, our government has created an entire bureaucracy dedicated to advan­cing these repressive institutions.

You probably even have relatives or friends who are mandated to live in these camps for countless hours of the most impressionable and formative years of their lives. Of course, these government indoctrination camps are also known as “public schools.”

Public schools have indeed, become some of the most dangerous places in America, not just because of potential violence, but due to humanists with revisionist textbooks espousing anti-God lies to throngs of unsuspecting indoctrinees.

In one of the most alarming cultural trends of the century, public schools are increasingly teaching children to reject and ridicule their parents’ viewpoints on religion and morality. Parents are losing the right to raise their children without government interference!

Although public schools were started to spread and affirm Christian morals and the Bible, government schools have become hostile places for God’s Word. The tragic fact is that the lack of morals in our public school classrooms is endangering our nation’s future.

These days, when parental authority is overruled by bureaucrats and activist judges, leaving parents as mere care­takers, Christians need to heed the warnings and take control of the public schools while they still can. And while we are working on school reform, we need to be sure our own children do not fall victim to the brainwashing.

I am convinced that parents will be judged for choices that impact their children’s future. Schooling is largely a personal choice. There are few situa­tions, such as in a single parent home or for health reasons, where a family is forced to place their children under government care.

More often, school selection is a matter of priorities, and whether par­ents are willing to sacrifice comfort, convenience, material possessions, or personal fulfillment for the sake of their child’s educational needs.

As one who was homeschooled until 7th grade, I understand the importance of a stay-at-home parent. In fact, if I had known years ago what I know now, I would never have placed our own daughter into the hands of public school indoctrinators for even one of her twelve school years.

I believe that many Christians will need to ask God’s forgiveness for neglecting His most precious gift: our nation’s children. And while we are training up our own children, we must also take the public schools back from the secularists, humanists, and socialists who have gained a stranglehold on their curricula.

Even if we do not have children or grandchildren in the government-controlled school systems, we must be deeply concerned about those who will someday govern our nation.

My fellow Americans: We must get involved. We must exercise our rights and responsibilities as citizens and members of our communities to exert influence over the school boards, curriculum committees, and other public offices affecting education. We must show up anywhere and any time we can make an impact.

We cannot stick our head in the sand while our nation’s children are held hostage in government indoctrination camps. We dare not leave our most precious resource – our children – to the humanists. Secularization has deeply infected many school systems nationwide, spurred on by anti-Christian groups like the ACLU, People for the American Way, Freedom from Religion Foundation, and other radical groups that systematically coerce administrators into kicking
God out the door.

The threat posed to our constitutional republic by socialist indoctrin­ation in government school systems is very real and very present. But the good news is that Liberty Counsel and other pro-liberty groups are standing up against this subversion and are winning the battles! Join with us for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Resist the godless, socialist indoctrination before it’s too late!

Anita L. Staver, Liberty Counsel’s President, cofounded the ministry in 1989 along with her husband, Mat. Anita is a member of the bars of the state of Florida and the District of Columbia. She is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, every federal court of appeals in the nation, and six federal district courts.

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