Stop President Obama’s Surrender of the Internet!

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The Issue:

The Obama administration is surrendering key functions of the United States’ oversight of the Internet in 2015 to unnamed members of the international community. This new “control group” may be comprised of enemies of our nation, enemies of liberty, and/or radicals who oppose our freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

If the United States gives up control of the Internet’s administration, international censorship or a worldwide shutdown in a time of crisis will become a very real possibility.

This action underscores President Barack Obama’s ongoing subversion of the United States’ role on the world stage.


Our call to action!

Liberty Counsel Action is calling on every freedom-loving American to sign our Stop Obama’s Surrender of the Internet petition. This petition will be delivered to congressional leaders who hold oversight positions and can take steps to STOP this potentially dangerous and misguided action.


Sign the petition…

The petition states:

We, the undersigned, strongly oppose the Obama administration’s plan to relinquish our position of oversight of the Internet.

We strongly contest turning the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) over to world communities and leaders who may intend to do us harm, be enemies of our way of life, be enemies of the United States in general, and/or who oppose freedom of speech and freedom of the press for geo-political reasons.

Tragically, this surrender of authority over the Internet is yet another of President Barack H. Obama’s misguided actions that will further undermine United States power and influence in the world.

We are urging congressional action to ensure that our remaining oversight of the Internet is NOT ceded to the international community.

Your signature and support WILL make a difference.


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