Stop The Flow Of Syrian Refugees Into The U.S.

Stop The Flow Of Syrian Refugees Into The U.S.

President Obama remains steadfast with plans to welcome 10,000 additional refugees from ISIS-ravaged Syria to our shores — this after it was discovered that at least one of the terrorists posed as a refugee to gain easy entry into France!

Lacking paperwork, there is, at this point, no credible way to properly vet Syrian refugees arriving in the United States. If you oppose President Obama’s plan to bring in additional refugees until a thorough vetting process is put into place and are concerned for the safety and security of our nation, tell Congress by adding your name to the petition below.

Liberty Counsel Action is mobilizing at least 20,000 citizens, and will hand-deliver these petitions to key members of the House and Senate in the days ahead.

The petition states:

We are a people of compassion and by far the most generous nation in providing relief and aid to those living in foreign lands. However, that compassion and concern cannot come at the expense of our own demise. Our leaders are duty-bound to protect our borders and our people. We face a powerful and stealth enemy whose goal is to destroy our nation’s government, laws, culture, and religion by performing jihad within our borders. I do not support allowing any Syrian refugees to enter our nation until tighter guidelines and restrictions are put into place.

Please join our efforts to Stop The Flow of Syrian Refugees Into the U.S.: