Submit or Quit (Liberty Counsel)

Mat Staver,
Liberty Counsel

Today, in the United States of America, Christians are being vilified, fined, and even jailed solely because they hold a pro-faith viewpoint. Businesses are being shut down and livelihoods threatened as Christians are being told to submit or quit.

The culture war in America has intensified to the point that any individual or organization that opposes the radical LGBTQ and anti-faith agenda will be punished or even destroyed.

We see it happening daily in the so-called mainstream media, in the public square, on university campuses, in schools, on social media, by Marxist politicians, and even in some courtrooms. Free speech and religious views are being censored, mocked, diminished, and labeled as “hate.”

Liberty Counsel is being openly targeted as a “hate group,” facing blatant discrimination. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is leading the assault, and commercial groups like Apple, Amazon, GuideStar, and others have followed suit.

Simply put, these radicals are out to force every person of faith into submission and to crush religious liberty.

+ + To win this battle – and we can – we must stand together!

These threats will require people of faith, like you and me, to unite and boldly declare as Patrick Henry did in 1775:

“G I V E    M E    L I B E R T Y !”

This is vitally important. I want to bring together tens of thousands of liberty-minded citizens for the battles we face in the year ahead.

Will you join with me as, TOGETHER, we boldly proclaim “Give Me Liberty” in the face of these intense battles?

One click here and your name will be immediately and automatically included in our “Give Me Liberty” statement of solidarity.

+ + Liberty Counsel will not submit or quit!

As evidenced by the cases making their way through the courts, many more battles await in 2018 and the challenges to believers and their constitutional rights will escalate. We have long ago determined that we will never give in.

You and I cannot allow the criminalization of Christian beliefs and the purging of biblical ideals from our society to happen on our watch!

How do we fight against such formidable adversaries? I’m standing on Patrick Henry’s immortal words, “GIVE ME LIBERTY,” as my personal clarion call for 2018. And I’m asking you to join me. We can only win by being united. One click here and you’ll be automatically included in our “Give Me Liberty” statement of solidarity!

We need you standing with us now more than ever to face the giants in our land.

Yours for true liberty,

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel