Supreme Court last hope for California children (LCAction)

From the Desk of Mat Staver;
Liberty Counsel.

January 31, 2014

There are powerful forces in America that are determined to redefine the family structure and greatly diminish parental rights. They must be stopped!

In spite of recent legal and legislative attacks on marriage and the family, I promise you that Liberty Counsel will never stand idly by as the Obama administration, activist judges, or radical pro-homosexual groups try to redefine the God-ordained institution of marriage, marginalize parental rights, prevent children from receiving Christian counseling, and attack the family!

There is a disastrous epidemic destroying America’s families that stems from ongoing cultural, legal, and legislative attacks on the family structure itself. litappeal-statue-fb

Radical groups want to redefine marriage and the family – and, in far too many instances, they are succeeding. But God has raised Liberty Counsel up to fight these battles!

A dangerous court ruling profoundly affects our families.

Two days ago, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco rejected Liberty Counsel’s petition asking for an en banc hearing of Pickup v. Brown, our lawsuit to stop the implementation of a radical new law banning “change therapy” in California.

In doing so, they upheld a dangerous law that will do irreparable harm to children and further weaken Americans’ freedom of speech.

This liberal appellate court ruled that the State of California can prevent minors from receiving beneficial counseling that seeks to help them change their unwanted same-sex attractions.

Under the new California law we have been fighting, counselors will be required to provide, and clients to receive, only the viewpoint that same-sex attractions are normal and good. Any counsel to reduce or eliminate same-sex attractions would be banned in California.

Now parents, their children, and professional counselors in California are in jeopardy of being on the wrong side of the law. Parental rights are under siege. This is a dangerous trend in our nation that must be stopped!

The refusal to rehear the case drew a strong dissent from three judges.

United States Ninth Circuit Judge O’Scannlain wrote in the ruling’s powerful dissent…

“The Supreme Court has chastened us lower courts for creating, out of whole cloth, new categories of speech to which the First Amendment does not apply. But, that is exactly what the panel’s opinion accomplishes in this case.”

Liberty Counsel will now ask the United States Supreme Court to review this crucial case.

The minors we represent do not want to act on same-sex attractions, nor do they want to engage in such behavior. They are greatly benefiting from the counseling they have received. Their grades have gone up, their self-esteem has improved, and their relationships at home are much improved.

Legislators and judges in the state of California have essentially barged into the private therapy rooms of victimized young people and told them that their confusion, caused by “Jerry Sandusky style” abusers, is normal and that they should pursue their unwanted and dangerous same-sex sexual attractions and behavior, regardless of whether those minors desire their religious beliefs to trump their unwanted attractions.

I grieve over this ruling because I know how much it will hurt the children and parents we represent. But this battle is not over as we now prepare our appeal to the Supreme Court.

We won’t give up. We will continue fighting to protect these young people from homosexual activists and tyrannical politicians for as long as it takes.

These cases require our skilled legal team to spend hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars. We need your help! We must fight, and we must win for the sake of these children.

Further, our cherished freedom of speech is in great jeopardy if this law is allowed to stand, as Judge O’Scannlain so eloquently stated in writing the dissent to the court’s ruling.

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This is a nationwide battle that will affect your community.

Liberty Counsel has filed two similar cases on “change therapy” in New Jersey – King v. Christie and Doe v. Christie. Change therapy bans have also been proposed in Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Virginia, and Washington.

Liberty Counsel is communicating with legislators in those states, as well. If legislation passes in yet other states, and minors and counselors ask for our help, we will file similar lawsuits.

The homosexual lawmaker who sponsored the New Jersey law likens change therapy to child abuse, which he says should empower the nanny state to remove children from their homes if subjected to these allegedly harmful therapies!

The laws banning change therapy are dangerous, politically motivated, and are being driven by a radical movement!

Losing this war, one of the most important cultural battles of our lifetime, is simply unthinkable! The consequences are huge. Children will suffer. Religious freedom will be overridden by the radical pro-homosexual agenda.

We must keep fighting for these children and for the freedom to speak the truth about same-sex attractions. Radical pro-homosexual activists are making it illegal to state anything contrary to the State’s viewpoint that homosexual attractions are healthy, normal, and desirable.

Your financial support today will help keep our legal team engaged in stopping New Jersey’s “Jerry Sandusky Victimization Act” (yet another intentionally misnamed piece of legislation), defeating California’s SB 1172, defending families nationwide, and stopping the radical left’s campaign to criminalize Christianity.

Your gift of $50, $100, or $1,000 will help Liberty Counsel meet these critical needs. Please, give a special gift today.

Please also pray for the Liberty Counsel legal team as we meet these monumental challenges. With your help, we can stop these outrageous laws and turn back this assault on religious freedom and free speech.

THANK YOU in advance and for standing with us and may God abundantly bless you!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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