Ted Cruz blasts Zuckerberg! (Liberty Counsel Action)

Wednesday A.M.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) absolutely grilled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg yesterday before a joint committee hearing in the Senate. Sen. Cruz cornered Zuckerberg on Facebook’s blatant pattern of ideological targeting against conservatives, and Zuckerberg had no answer.

In fact, Zuckerberg even admitted that Silicon Valley (where Facebook is headquartered) is an “extremely left-leaning place.”

Cruz was one of the few voices yesterday that focused on the core issue of Facebook’s ideological targeting of pro-faith and pro-liberty ideas. In fact, it seems that Facebook’s “end game” of these hearings may be to EXPAND its censoring and control over content to ensure, as Zuckerberg testified yesterday, that Facebook’s “tools are used for good.”

Of course, the “extremely left-leaning” minds that run Facebook will decide what is “good”!

I need your help RIGHT NOW! Zuckerberg is testifying today before a House committee and I want to flood members of Congress with faxes demanding accountability on Facebook’s attacks of pro-faith and conservative ideas. Please… see below for more details, and go here right now to schedule your “Confront Facebook’s Attacks” faxes.


P.S. Please schedule your faxes now for immediate delivery. Even if you sent faxes yesterday, please do so again today! We must expose Facebook’s anti-faith and anti-liberty bias!

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is testifying before Congress TODAY and TOMORROW regarding the enormous data mining breach that has gripped Zuckerberg’s company.

+ + Facebook’s Real Attacks Being MASKED…

Here at Liberty Counsel Action, we are concerned that the data and privacy issues will MASK the even more critical issue that Congress should be addressing this week.

I’m talking about the accelerated attacks on Christian and conservative groups by Facebook and the other “titans” of Silicon Valley.

As I have noted to you, Liberty Counsel Action has been monitoring the increasing attacks from these Silicon Valley giants against conservatives and especially people of faith. Liberty Counsel has been the target of these attacks, as we have been openly labeled as a “hate group” and even seen our organization banned by Silicon Valley elites.

In the past few weeks, even more attacks by Facebook have come to light. Facebook recently determined that postings by two high-profile, pro-Trump individuals were “unsafe to the community.” Meanwhile a leading conservative website is now having all its content marked as racist and xenophobic by Facebook!

+ + URGENT ACTION To Confront Facebook’s Attacks.

That’s why Liberty Counsel Action is launching an urgent FAX BARRAGE demanding that Congress confront Facebook’s anti-faith and anti-conservative agenda.

This Fax Barrage targets the key members of Congress who are participating in this week’s Zuckerberg/Facebook hearings — along with your members of Congress.

If you believe Facebook’s attacks on Christian and conservative groups must be exposed by Congress, then go here now to schedule your “Confront Facebook Attacks” faxes now:

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Again… if we do not take a stand now, Facebook’s attacks on Christian and conservative groups will not be addressed by Congress. Zuckerberg will get away with his outrageous censoring of Christian and conservative values.

Please… schedule your faxes today.

Yours for Liberty,


P.S. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg is appearing before Congress through tomorrow! Please take action now and demand that Congress confront Facebook’s blatant targeting and censorship of Christian and conservative groups. Go here:

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