Texas officials: “Get out now!”

Today, Harvey’s unrelenting rainfall forced floodwaters to pour over the top of a 108 foot spillway containing the Addicks Reservoir sending floodwaters into nearby neighborhoods for the first time in history. Minutes later, a levee at Columbia Lakes was breached causing officials in Brazoria County to warn residents to “Get out now!

While widespread rescue missions continue, potentially millions of southeast Texas residents are facing catastrophic damage to their homes and livelihoods. The need is immense.

The rainfall from Harvey has now crossed into record territory – over 50 inches in some regions with more to come. TS Harvey is now threatening additional people in Louisiana.

My prayer continues to be, “Lord, shelter them from the storm.”

+ + This is when people of faith must turn to action.

Liberty Relief International is partnering with Christ-centered relief organizations that are already operating in accessible areas of southeast Texas. I have pledged to help these organizations as quickly as possible to get a jump-start on their recovery operations. Will you help us help them?

Your tax-deductible contribution today will help Liberty Relief International send vital resources to storm-ravaged Texas, and continue other vital efforts:


Please see my earlier call to action below Mat.


I am shocked and deeply saddened by the immense tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes in Houston and across the Texas Gulf Coast.

Today, I am instructing my team at Liberty Relief International to do everything in our power to direct urgently needed resources to Christ-centered relief partners who are working, right now, on the front lines of this tragedy.

Help Texas ReliefThe need for clothing, shelter, and other basic necessities is so desperate that we simply must respond to this crisis immediately.

This massive storm threatens to bring even more suffering and pain over the next few days. So I want to release funds THIS WEEK to our partners who are already on the ground. We are witnessing a disaster of biblical proportions! Some forecasts call for an additional 20 inches of rain in locations that have already received 30 inches or more!

Can you help?

Please go here to make your tax-deductible contribution today to help Liberty Relief send critical resources to storm-ravaged Texas, as we continue other vital efforts:


“Harvey” may prove to be the worst weather-related disaster Texas has ever seen.Help Houston Relief Effort here Some communities were already devastated by the Category 4 hurricane winds before meteorologists started calling this the worst tropical-storm flooding in U.S. history.

We must help!

Please go here to make your tax-deductible gift.

And pray for our friends and neighbors in the Texas Gulf!

Mat Staver