The fate of America is in your hands (LCAction)

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The fate of America may literally be in your hands. I believe that you and I have a pathway to victory in November, but we’ll only get there if friends of faith, family, and freedom like you take a stand now. I explain below how our “Operation Save America” initiative in October will impact November’s outcome and the future of our nation.

Following the 2008 elections, America was subjected to the autocratic rule of radical and destructive leaders led by the Obama/Reed/Pelosi regime. Radicals controlled the White House and Congress and made the absolute most of it. You and I watched in shock, dismay, disgust, and even anger while the “tyrannical trio” rammed their radical agenda down our throats … and then handed us the bill. We had marginal success in stopping some of the most detrimental and unconstitutional legislative assaults ever inflicted upon our nation.

In 2016, it could happen again.

+ + This November, with the Presidency, House, and Senate up for grabs, you and I face a stark choice.

The upcoming election is the ultimate high-stakes moment for America. Radical secularists are almost at the tipping point in their campaign to completely redefine America and November 8, 2016, could take us past the point of no return.

Will we hand America’s bloated federal government into the hands of radicals eager to build on the legacy of the last seven years, people itching to send America even further down the road to socialism at home and impotence abroad?
Or, will we put Uncle Sam on a crash diet by electing representatives willing to repeal ObamaCare, pay down the debt, scale back the size of government, protect our borders, and put American security first?
Will we elect leaders who recognize our liberties are not grants of government but inalienable endowments from our Creator?
Possibly the greatest issue in importance are the forthcoming appointments of 1-4 Supreme Court Justices and numerous other federal judges over the next 4-8 years. These judicial appointments will determine America’s path for decades.

+ + Voter turnout is key.

We must not stay home in November … as too many believers did in 2012 when just 57% of self-identified Christians went to the polls. Had the roughly 26 million Christian no-shows voted according to their party affiliation, the presidential contest would have swung the other way.

You and I can’t win if we show up alone to vote next November. We need an army of faith and values voters to descend on the polls come Election Day.


know some will say they do not like the current candidates. I understand.But, we must vote! And we cannot throw away our vote. Voting is a duty and we will be held accountable in eternity.

+ + The future of America will be determined in November.

That’s why Liberty Counsel Action is launching OPERATION SAVE AMERICA for this November’s election.  Utilizing our powerful network, we have set a goal of reaching millions of faith voters and 10,000 key swing state churches with our scorecards, voter guides, and special election resources for churches. But we need your help.

We must raise the necessary funding to deliver these vital resources. Here is how you can help …

Every dollar you donate will help us reach 10 faith voters in battleground states with our Election 2016 resources. Just $50 can help reach 500 voters; $100 helps reach 1,000 voters. In appreciation of your contribution of ANY AMOUNT right now, we’ll send you a printed copy of our 2016 Congressional Scorecard — a critical resource for every concerned citizen.

Click here or on the banner below to help launch OPERATION SAVE AMERICA for this November’s crucially important election.

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The harsh truth is that politicians will say almost anything to get elected. But it’s how members of Congress vote – not their false promises – that really counts. This is why politicians detest spin-free reports like Liberty Counsel Action’s 2016 Congressional Scorecard. It spells out in black and white the actual record of the men and women asking for your vote. It shows the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Join other patriotic Americans with a generous gift to put this powerful Congressional Scorecard into the hands of millions of Americans while, at the same time, continuing other critical voter mobilization and education programs.

Your support might make the difference in November! Please make your best gift now.

Your fellow Christian patriot,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. I urge you to partner with us now to distribute millions of Congressional Scorecards to Christian voters across America as part of our OPERATION SAVE AMERICA. Act today to defend life and liberty!  And please give generously to this vital pro-America campaign.