The heat is on (Liberty Counsel Action)

Thursday P.M.

We are calling on Congress to hold Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook executives accountable for violations of our privacy and the the accelerated attacks on Christian and conservative groups by Facebook. Congressional regulations may be inevitable.Plus: Even if you’re not a Facebook user, we have learned that your data may have been breached! See my important update below Mat.

Following two days of intense congressional grilling of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, there are rumblings throughout the halls of Congress that regulation may be necessary. 

As reported by the New York Times,

“Following Wednesday’s hearing, House Commerce Chairman Greg Walden (R., Ore.) described it as “a wake-up call for Silicon Valley and the tech community that if you let these things get out of hand, having grown up in a very lightly regulated environment, you could end up with a lot more regulation than you seek.”

He added: “I don’t want to rush into regulation minutes after having the first hearing of this magnitude. But certainly if they can’t clean up their act, we’ll clean it up for them.” He said lawmakers would consider calling other tech CEOs.

As I have noted to you, Liberty Counsel Action has been monitoring the increasing attacks from these Silicon Valley giants against conservatives and especially people of faith. Liberty Counsel has been the target of these attacks, as we have been openly labeled as a “hate group” and even seen our organization banned by Silicon Valley elites.

+ + Zuckerberg lied?

Targeted pro-Trump bloggers, Diamond and Silk, now assert that neither Zuckerberg or any other Facebook representative has contacted them about removing their label as “Unsafe to the community,” contrary to what Zuckerberg testified to Congress.

Are we to trust Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to self-police their policies?

While Zuckerberg has promised to personally oversee security changes, we cannot and must not allow Facebook’s Leftist ideologies to continue to suppress the voices of tens of millions of conservatives in concert with the other Silicon Valley behemoths.   

If you believe Facebook’s attacks on Christian and conservative groups must be exposed and monitored by Congress, then go here now to schedule your “Confront Facebook Attacks” faxes now:

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+ + If you have a friend on Facebook, your data may have also been breached!

In a little reported exchange, Representative Ben Lujan (D-NM) challenged Zuckerberg on “shadow profiles, the term often used to refer to the data that Facebook collects on non-users and other hidden data that Facebook holds but does not offer openly on the site for users to see.” Rep. Lujan asserted that the collected data on non-Facebook users through their “Find Friends” application may have also been breached, which Zuckerberg denied, but admitted to harvesting the data. That means, if you have a friend on Facebook, your data has been collected and is susceptible.

Again… if we do not take a stand now, Facebook’s attacks on Christian and conservative groups may continue unabated. Zuckerberg and his Facebook cronies will get away with their outrageous censoring of Christian and conservative values.

Please… schedule your faxes today.

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