The Hour For Action Has Come (Liberty Counsel)

From the desk of: Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel

September 16, 2014

Friends, we need additional finances to ship 2,000 more Pastors & Patriots Action Packs today.

pastorsandpatriots-bibleTo ship these Action Packs to churches, having an impact of over 200 thousand values-based voters, I need $20,000, or $10 per unit.

As I mentioned before, we have a wonderful marching challenge grant to help meet this need. With every dollar raised, a generous benefactor will match every gift – dollar for dollar.

That means I need a balance of $10,000 from friends of Liberty Counsel today in order to ship these 2,000 vital Action Packs.

It is imperative that we ship this next batch of the Pastors & Patriots Action Packs today. These are invaluable tools when placed in the right hands. Plus, time is of the essence and we must not lose ground before this critical midterm election.

Can you help meet this $10,000 need today?

Every gift, no matter the size is a huge blessing.
Click here to offer whatever sized gift the Lord is leading you to do to give:

This is our clarion call! 

As Christians, we are called to be watchmen on the wall—we are called to speak truth to this generation at just such a time as this.

American voters are facing what may be the most important midterm election our nation has ever seen—that could bring us to the brink of moral and economic collapse, or a massive grassroots uprising turning America toward a “New Birth of Liberty in 2014.”

That’s why it is absolutely essential to deliver as many of our Pastors & Patriots Action Packs as soon as possible!

Today, while the matching challenge grant is in effect, please consider a gift to help us stir up America’s base of pro-faith, pro-family, pro-life voters and encourage them to help right America’s course.

May God bless you abundantly,

Mat Staver


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