The hunger for Bibles compels him

August 2, 2017

From the Desk of:
Mat Staver, President
Liberty Relief International

Dear Friend,

We received an inspiring report from our Christ-centered partner in the Middle East. They shared an amazing story about a Bible smuggler named “Peyman.” (For security reasons, they couldn’t use his real name.) We were told:

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“His heart bursts with every opportunity to deliver the Scriptures to Christians who live under some of the harshest oppression you can imagine. And every contact he makes, every mission to deliver Bibles he embarks on, Peyman does in secret.”

Even our ministry partner says they can’t imagine his struggle. What must it be like to be so inspired by the gospel and yet forced to lead a double life?

Peyman’s hunger to see more Bibles in the Middle East compels him to risk his life to smuggle God’s light into dark places. Amen!

“Some groups I delivered Bibles to had already begun copying them by hand because all were eager to have their own personal copy,” Peyman says. “I’m astonished to find some groups without any biblical material at all.”

This is EXACTLY why Liberty Relief International is helping to sponsor Bibles for the MIRACLE HARVEST in the Middle East. Please help us put copies of God’s Word into the hands of persecuted Christians, new believers with Muslim backgrounds and spiritual seekers in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and other nations for as little as $5 each!

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Our Christ-centered partner also reports that Bibles are usually illegal in countries where persecution is raging. As a result, brothers and sisters who most need the help, courage and comfort of God’s Word are the ones least likely to have access to it!

To you and me, giving someone a Bible might seem like a small thing. But our ministry partner insists: “Sending one to the front lines is a critical part of turning the tide in a great war that will decide the eternal fate of more people than we can know.”

We’ve been told again and again that new believers in the Middle East are praying for Bibles. Just $5 can “feed” brothers and sisters the Word of God. Please help us provide copies of God’s Word to persecuted Christians, new believers from Muslim backgrounds, and spiritual seekers in nations ravaged by ISIS and civil war. Click here to donate now.

Thank you, in advance, for carrying God’s light into dark places.


P.S. It costs our Christ-centered partner in the region about $5 to get a Bible into the hands of someone who wants to know more about Jesus. Please help provide copies of God’s Word to persecuted Christians, new believers, and spiritual seekers in the Middle East with your tax-deductible gift of $50 or $100 today. Click here or on the banner below to sponsor Bibles and other critical resources in countries ravaged by ISIS evil and devastated by civil war, as we continue other vital efforts to provide relief: