The Left’s “impeachment scenario” (Liberty Counsel)

Right now, the radical Left’s impeachment scenario is already being openly discussed by the mainstream media. But it’s not just about impeaching President Trump — they want to DESTROY anyone who dares to support the President’s pro-faith and pro-family agenda.

This is precisely why Liberty Counsel has come under attack from four radical homosexual rights groups who are using the “subpoena power” to bully and harass us!

I truly believe our nation is under siege. In response, Liberty Counsel is launching a multi-faceted, strategic, and legal response to fight back. I must know that you’re with me. That’s why I’m reaching out to friends like you to sign our “I’m Standing for America” statement of solidarity.

Based on the latest news coming out of the Mueller investigation, consider these scenarios that could happen this year:

In the coming weeks, Robert Mueller releases a totally contrived report of “obstruction” against President Trump to the deputy Attorney General, who makes the report public while submitting it to Congress, launching a national debate regarding impeachment hearings….

The Never Trump factions spring into action, launching the largest activist campaign in the history of our nation as anti-faith groups funnel hundreds of millions of stockpiled funds into destroying President Trump and, more significantly, defeating his pro-America, pro-faith agenda….

This ends any chance for President Trump to nominate and fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court which takes place over the summer — ending our hopes of reversing Roe v. Wade and 60 years of liberal activism on the Supreme Court….

By the fall, President Trump is so crippled and the Republican Party so discredited by their betrayals that a massive Blue Wave hands both the House and the Senate to Democrats — almost guaranteeing impeachment of President Trump, the end of his pro-faith and pro-America agenda, and the loss of the Supreme Court for the rest of our lives.

+ + A Siege On People Of Faith…

If this scenario unfolds, we will lose everything. The gains we have seen for faith, family, and freedom over the past year will all be swept away. Even worse, not only will America be under siege, you and I and Christians across America will be under siege as well.

That’s because the anti-faith Left will be so emboldened by having taken down a sitting President on the flimsiest of grounds, the legal and cultural assault on people of faith and freedom will be unlike anything we have ever seen. In fact, the anti-faith Left is already taking action to punish any individual or group that dares to defend any of President Trump’s policies. That is why Liberty Counsel is the target of the onerous subpoenas I have written to you about.

This is why I’m reaching out to you and other key Liberty Counsel team members first — to let you know about a very important effort we are launching to fight back. It’s called “America Under Siege,” a strategic initiative designed to mobilize legal, cultural, and spiritual resources in defense of America’s core institutions and liberties that are under attack. 

+ + Our Plan To Stop The Siege…

I believe Liberty Counsel is poised and positioned to rise up and challenge these attacks in the courts, at the local, state and federal levels, in the media, and at the grassroots. Our “America Under Siege” project will work in four critical areas to defend our nation and people of faith at this time:

Presidency Under Siege. We are committing strategic legal resources to stand with President Trump’s Administration against the hostile and even unconstitutional attacks designed for the end-game of impeachment and usurping The People’s voice in the presidential elections, including: Direct legal action as necessary, FOIA requests to expose the Deep State, and expanded media response to challenge this assault.

Christian and Patriotic Citizens Under Siege: Liberty Counsel is launching an aggressive national campaign offering legal defense for people of faith and values who are facing increasingly intense attacks, including: “Under Siege” citizen resources that reach hundreds of thousands across the nation, strategic mobilization of citizen response to this threat to our liberties, and a nationwide prayer effort.

Ministries and Business Under Siege: Christian churches, ministries, and companies are now on the “Endangered” list. Here at Liberty Counsel, we are facing the brunt of these attacks as radical homosexual rights groups are trying to use subpoena power to bully and intimidate us. We are fighting back against these attacks while we expand our efforts in support of Christian organizations, including: specific legal defense for those coming under attack and strategic resources to equip Christian-based organizations.

Elections Under Siege: Never before have we seen such systematic efforts to manipulate and steal elections while suppressing the voice of pro-faith citizens at the polls. Liberty Counsel is responding to these election attacks by confonting and exposing election fraud, challenging anti-Christian bullying, and distributing strategic resources to up to 50,000 communities of faith in the key battleground states.

I know this has been a long message, but I truly believe that Liberty Counsel has been called into this battle “for such a time as this.” That is why we are mobilizing strategic resources to fight on these four critical fronts. 

And here’s where you can help America survive this siege…

Today, as a first step I am asking you to please sign Liberty Counsel’s “I’M STANDING FOR AMERICA” statement of solidarity, which indicates that you are joining with citizens across the nation to fight back against these attacks on our President, and on life, liberty, and family.

Click here or on the banner to be included on the statement of solidarity.

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Let’s be clear: America is under siege and the enemies of faith and liberty are working their “end game” right now — they want to impeach and even destroy President Trump while attacking pro-faith and pro-family citizens and organizations.

It’s going to take the combined efforts of many faithful friends like you to bolster this vital campaign. But we must take action!

Please join with other citizens in signing our “I’m Standing For America” statement of solidarity.

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Thank you, in advance, for standing in solidarity with us.

Yours for life, liberty, and family,

Mat Staver,
Liberty Counsel

P.S. The I’M STANDING FOR AMERICA” statement of solidarity declares:

I’m signing this important “I’m Standing For America” Statement Of Solidarity, indicating that I’m joining with citizens from across the nation to fight back against the outrageous “siege” that is now underway against President Trump and anyone who dares to stand for his pro-faith and pro-family agenda.

Never-Trump and anti-faith activists are on a mission to destroy President Trump and bully pro-faith and pro-family groups into silence. I’m signing this statement to say I will NOT be silenced, and I will NOT allow these activists to dictate the agenda and bully those who stand for faith, family, life and liberty.

Click here to sign the “I’m Standing For America” statement of solidarity and to share it on your social media pages.