The left’s rhetoric has crossed the line (LCAction)

Tuesday Morning

Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D) has drawn national and local outrage from both sides of the political aisle after posting a Facebook comment declaring, “I hope Trump is assassinated!”

That type of reckless rhetoric, indicative of the deep animosity radical leftists are fomenting toward the president, has the potential to fuel unintended action and therefore should never have been expressed.

The senator later apologized for her irresponsible comment saying it was made in anger over the President’s response to Charlottesville. But, the moment she posted the comment on Facebook, yet another seed of hate was outrageously planted by an elected official.

That’s why I was pleased when Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell, Jr., came to the defense of President Trump and chastised the media’s malicious portrayal of his Charlottesville response yesterday morning on Fox & Friends.

“The media has tried to paint this as Republican versus Democrat, black versus white, Jew versus gentile, but it’s just pure evil versus good.”
“President Donald Trump does not have a racist bone in his body. I know him well. He loves all people; he’s worked so hard to help minorities in the inner cities.”

+ + As Bishop E.W. Jackson warned us last week…

“President Trump is being attacked by a hostile liberal media, undermined by a Deep State full of Obama/Clinton holdovers and betrayed by some  GOP “Never-Trumpers” who never will accept him as President…

The battle lines are drawn, and the future of the country is at stake. David Brock of Media Matters, a George Soros-funded leftist “think tank,” has issued a 49-page secret war manual for destroying the Trump Administration and regaining Democratic control of Congress.”

Just days after the election of Donald Trump, Billionaire George Soros and his wealthy cronies in the Democratic Alliance (DA) vowed to relentlessly fight the President and his agenda and they have the mainstream media in their pockets.
Keep this in mind: Liberal “progressives” and other radicals hate President Trump because they fear his pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-life agenda! He has boldly and aggressively pursued the strongest pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-life agenda that we have seen in recent years.

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P.S. Is President Trump perfect? Far from it! But radical leftists despise President Trump and are doing everything possible to destroy him — and they fear his agenda.

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Photo: Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D)