The only food Sandra was given… (Liberty Counsel)

Last week after our client Sandra Merritt’s 12-hour ordeal in which she was incarcerated, handcuffed, and dragged off to prison, the first thing our Liberty Counsel lawyers did with Sandra after we secured her release was to get her something to eat.
Why? Because while in prison and while our attorneys were filing emergency petitions with three different judges to arrange her release, the only food Sandra was given was a small sandwich!food

If it wasn’t bad enough that a Planned Parenthood-backed California Attorney General has made it his goal to see Sandra serve a decade or more in jail… or the fact that we had to help Sandra post an outrageously large bail of $75,000 to get her out of jail… or that this is the third legal action this brave woman has faced for courageously exposing the crimes of Planned Parenthood… they barely fed her while she was in jail!

Let me be clear about what is happening…
Planned Parenthood and their allies — including California’s State Attorney General — are determined to make an example of Sandra and destroy her personally because she dared to stand up to the abortion bullies!Sandra Merritt is a hero who exposed the atrocities of Planned Parenthood! The state attorney general should be filing criminal actions against Planned Parenthood and its leaders, but he won’t because he is in lock step with them.+ + Action: Sign Our “I Stand With Sandra” Statement Of Support.

I believe this is one of the most important — and most challenging — legal battles Liberty Counsel has faced. If Planned Parenthood and its allies succeed in punishing and destroying Sandra Merritt, every pro-life, pro-faith person who dares to stand will be at risk.

When we face battles like this in which it feels as if the deck is stacked against us, it is extremely helpful to know that friends like you are standing with us. That’s why I’m asking every Liberty Counsel friend and partner to take a moment right now and sign our “I Stand With Sandra” Statement Of Support to let Sandra and our team know that you are joining with us in prayer and support during this critical case.

test, will you stand with us as we fight for Sandra? Please go here now to sign our “I Stand With Sandra” Statement Of Support:


I want to rally at least 50,000 team members to join this important effort this month. When you sign, there is an opportunity to leave a personal note of support for Sandra and our team. We will share your notes of encouragement with Sandra and our litigation team.

Finally, thank you so much for partnering with Liberty Counsel. We are totally dependent on the prayers and financial support of friends like you as we fight for Sandra and people of faith all across this nation who are coming under attack.

May God richly bless you!

MatP.S. I want to present Sandra with at least 50,000 statements of support THIS MONTH! Will you help? Please go here to say “I Stand With Sandra,” and be sure to leave your own personal note of support for Sandra and our team.