The tide is turning against Holder (LCAction)

A majority of Americans believe that Eric Holder should be held accountable for a growing list of obfuscations, misrepresentations, and even perjury. How can a proven liar remain the head of the Department of Justice?

From the Desk of Mat Staver:

There is a growing outcry from Americans on both sides of the political spectrum and diverse ideologies that our scandalous Attorney General, Eric Holder, should resign his post.

The reasons used are diverse. Some say he is too radical, too biased, too politicized, too ideologically motivated; while others now call him ineffective and a poor Attorney General.

Right now there is mounting discontent with the performance of Holder – and the calls for his resignation are growing.

In a recent Washington Post Opinion article, David Ignatius, an author and Post associate editor wrote, “Attorney General Holder is not up to the task.” He cites other attorneys in the legal arena who concur with his assessment.

“‘Holder substitutes his political judgment for his legal judgment, and his political judgment isn’t very good” is the way one White House official put it to a prominent Washington lawyer recently. That criticism was seconded by a half-dozen other leading Washington lawyers I consulted.”

A strong attorney general articulates clear guidelines for prosecutors, private attorneys and the public. But Holder is criticized for his failure to shape legal policy.

Instead, DOJ policies still allow wide variations, “thus leaving the issue of ‘poor management’ and ‘poor supervision’ over discovery obligations uncorrected at the senior levels of the department,” wrote attorneys William M. Welch and William W. Taylor in the National Law Journal last year.

Holder’s Justice Department has been quick to jump on the bandwagon of politically popular prosecutions, sometimes with disastrous results.”

I know all too well of Holder’s DOJ jumping on popular leftist bandwagons. The DOJ brought the full weight of the government to prosecute pro-life individuals, including Susan Pine, who faced trumped up charges. Liberty Counsel successfully defended Ms. Rice against the DOJ assault, and the federal judge ordered Holder’s DOJ to pay $120,000!

A few days ago, I reported to you that The New York Times is also expressing disdain for Holder.

The Times did not mince words in their report…

“Over the course of four and a half years, no other member of President Obama’s cabinet has been at the center of so many polarizing episodes or the target of so much criticism.

The tide is turning against Eric Holder and we must continue the pressure on Congress in calling for his resignation or impeachment.

If you haven’t done so already, join us in voicing the sentiments of grassroots citizens nationwide who believe that Eric Holder is a disgrace as our nation’s Attorney General – and unfit to continue as America’s top law enforcement officer.

Fax Congress today utilizing Liberty Counsel Action’s highly effective fax barrage.  Everything you need is one click away to keep the momentum going against this man who has overseen the most politicized Department of Justice in our nation’s history.

As I’ve written before, Holder’s tenure includes advancing leftist ideologies, espousing racial favoritism, suing states over so-called “discriminatory” voter ID laws, targeting pro-life and conservative organizations and values, advancing the unconstitutional ObamaCare law for the White House, failing to uphold natural marriage while advancing the homosexual agenda,  and now, illegally targeting media reporters.

Holder has overseen an all-out assault on the constitutionally protected rights of American citizens with the endorsement and protection of the President himself!

Today, Holder is being investigated for possible perjury, after lying to another congressional committee — just one year removed from his contempt of Congress charge. Holder has shown repeatedly that he has no respect for the law or the legislative branch of our government.

Click here now to join with citizens nationwide who are demanding that Congress end the Attorney General’s blatant corruption and dereliction of duty with our powerful Fax Barrage.

Even if you have already sent your faxes, please do consider another round while momentum against Holder is swinging. Our Fax Barrage — calling for immediate action against Holder — is resonating on Capitol Hill because of the relentless efforts of grassroots Americans like you! Liberty Counsel Action is among the loudest voices encouraging Congress and others with influence to hold Attorney General Eric Holder accountable!

A majority of Americans believe that Eric Holder should be held accountable for a growing list of obfuscations, misrepresentations, and even perjury.  How can a proven liar remain the head of the Department of Justice?

Liberty Counsel Action has been intensely calling for congressional action against Attorney General Eric Holder for years. The time for Congress to take action against Holder’s illegal and agenda-driven policies is NOW!

We must put the pressure on Congress and give them no rest until Eric Holder is driven from office!

Click here to schedule your immediate faxes to Congress using Liberty Counsel Action’s powerful Fax Barrage. The removal of Holder is a step in the right direction for Taking Back America!  Thank you for taking action with me.

Mat Staver, Chairman of Liberty Counsel Action.





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