The White House called (LCAction)

Last Thursday evening, a member of our Liberty Counsel Action Washington D.C. office and other pro-life leaders were invited to the White House. They met to provide Vice President Mike Pence with suggestions for reversing the incalculable damage inflicted by Obamacare on the sanctity of life and on people of faith who were forced to fund or support abortion against their conscience.

Liberty Counsel Action has been a steadfast opponent of Obamacare and its unconstitutional mandates. We have repeatedly called for the the so-called Affordable Care Act to be repealed and replaced. We are encouraged by the fact that the Trump administration and Congress are working to generate a new affordable healthcare solution without the abortifacient mandates.

I must also make you aware of a vital need. Right now, Liberty Counsel Action needs your financial support to overcome powerful adversaries, like the cash-flush ACLU, that are rising up in our nation, and to offset a serious shortfall in our revenue.

I’m writing to you today because I believe that Liberty Counsel Action with our base of operations in our nation’s capital is in a strategic place to influence our government’s policies unlike we have ever experienced before. Liberty Counsel Action will greatly have a magnified voice in the Trump administration and the 115th Congress!

But right now, we are facing an urgent need that threatens all of our our goals for restoring life, liberty, and family. Liberty Counsel Action has fallen well behind our budgeted need since Election Day 2016. We are not a deep-pocketed organization like many of our adversaries.

We simply must raise these funds to keep our team moving forward in what may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to roll back the Obama agenda and restore liberty.

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Radical groups are working overtime to bully President Trump and members of Congress to prevent them from enacting the agenda that we put them in office to do, and we must do everything in our power to overcome them.

Your gift today will help Liberty Counsel Action engage pro-faith citizens and continue other vital efforts. And, it will help greatly in our effort to overcome our deficit.

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God bless you for your ongoing impact on our culture through faithful support of Liberty Counsel Action!

Mat Staver

P.S. Thank you to all of you who have helped Liberty Counsel Action financially and in your support of our our vital initiatives on behalf of life, liberty and family!

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