“The worst is yet to come”

There are no words that come close to describing the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. “Catastrophic” only scratches the surface of the heartbreaking destruction and the upheaval of hundreds of thousands of lives we’ve witnessed in Texas and Louisiana.

In an attempt to put this epic disaster into context with others, I came across this CNN report.

“Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré — who oversaw relief operations in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 — said, ‘The worst is yet to come in terms of the outcome.’In all, 53 Texas counties issued emergency declarations — an area that’s home to around 11.4 million people.

CNN meteorologist Gene Norman said the area in and around Houston that has received more than 10 inches of rain is approximately the size of the state of Kentucky — roughly 39,728 square miles. That’s larger than Belgium, Greece, or Bangladesh.”

The White House is saying that over 100,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed by Harvey’s rain and winds. Untold thousands have lost their homes, businesses, and everything they have spent their lives working for.

+ + Now is the time to take action on behalf of these devastated and suffering people!

Water, food, clothing, medicine, encouragement and, of course, prayer are all desperately needed.

Right now there are Christ-centered disaster relief teams operating in Texas meeting the immmediate needs of victims, volunteers, and first responders. And, I’m told that many more Christian relief workers are on the way with a plan to fan out across both Texas and Louisiana.

Their immediate need is supplies and funds to purchase what they will deliver. This is where the body of Christ must rise up.

For those of us who don’t have the ability to physically help in the recovery efforts, Liberty Relief International can provide an outlet to send relief to these hurting people by partnering with Christ-centered relief organizations. I want to release funds THIS WEEK to our partners who are already there. Will you help with an immediate gift?

Your tax-deductible contribution today will help Liberty Relief International send vital resources to storm-ravaged Texas and Louisiana as we continue other vital efforts:


Even if you’ve already donated, please prayerfully consider doing a little more today.

God bless you abundantly for your caring and generous support!

Please continue to pray for our friends and neighbors that found themselves in Harvey’s path!

Mat Staver