THIS could go either way (Liberty Counsel Action)

2018 could go either way.

Just a quick reminder…

We now have just nine days to meet our $50,000 "Stand For America" Year-End Challenge Grant. This grant is critical in equipping our Liberty Counsel Action team — based in our nation's capital — for the fights ahead.

And 2018 could go either way

Even the odds-makers are now saying President Trump is more likely than not to be impeached. If this happens, we could see a shocking reversal of any gains we have witnessed for faith and family. Even worse, we will be facing an uphill battle against the SPLC and others who are working day-and-night to label Christian organizations like Liberty Counsel Action as "hate groups."

If we stand… If we refuse to be bullied into silence… If we rally the voice of people of faith from across this land… And if we take that voice directly to the debate in our nation's capital… We could see unprecedented advances for faith, life, and family.

The choice is ours!

I, for one, am determined to fight. That's why I'm re-doubling Liberty Counsel Action's efforts from our base of operations right off Capitol Hill so we can represent your voice and push back against those who want to silence people of faith.

But I need your help.

As of this morning, we are far off the pace we need to meet our $50,000 "Stand For America" Year-End Challenge Grant goal. We simply must make progress in the next 48 hours, or we will face the prospects of falling short of this important goal.

Will you prayerfully consider how you can help Liberty Counsel Action stand for faith, family, and liberty in our nation's capital? Every dollar you donate will be DOUBLED in impact by the $50,000 "Stand For America" Challenge Grant. Go here to donate now:

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These are such critical times. I'm thankful that the Lord has seen fit to give us a base of operations right in the nation's capital so Liberty Counsel Action can fight for you and contend for faith, family, and liberty.

And I'm grateful beyond words for faithful friends like you who are standing with us.

Thank you in advance for your partnership at this time. May God bless you, and may God bless these United States of America!

Mat Staver

P.S. The coming year could be pivotal. If the pro-faith, pro-family movement is defeated, we will face a backlash unlike any we have experienced. We've already seen the "titans" of Silicon Valley openly discriminate against Liberty Counsel Action and others, labeling us as "hate groups." It could get worse, if we sit on the sidelines and don't prepare for the battle. Please help me stand strong for your rights in our nation's capital. Go here to help, and remember that every dollar you donate will be doubled in impact:

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