This is when it gets tough (Liberty Counsel)

Today, while reviewing Liberty Counsel’s many cases and open legal matters, it is increasingly clear that pro-liberty, pro-family, and pro-faith organizations are squarely in the crosshairs of far-left extremist organizations whose purposes are to diminish us into irrelevance. We see the attacks escalating against the clients we represent, against Liberty Counsel, and against me personally.

Case in point… three Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)-related cases were not on our docket at all just a few months ago. Now, the Southern Poverty Law Center is all but celebrating the fact that their “hate” attack campaign against Liberty Counsel is spreading to other far-left organizations. It is clear that the deep-pocketed SPLC wants to destroy Liberty Counsel and then use our example to bully other pro-faith and pro-family organizations and individuals into silence.

That’s why I must commit every legal resource available to fight the SPLC and the organizations who are relying on their “hate” designation to ban, punish, and destroy Liberty Counsel and other pro-family organizations.

+ + This is when it gets tough.

During the summer months, it is not uncommon for Liberty Counsel to experience a significant drop in financial support. If that happens this summer, it will put an enormous strain on our legal resources and our ability to fight these many battles.

Very simply, for the cause of liberty, we cannot afford to shrink back from these fights. That’s why I’m asking our online team to join me in declaring that this is the “Summer Of Liberty” as we partner together to raise $200,000 for these crucial battles this summer.

Right now, we are $30,000 short of our goal for July with just a few days remaining in the month. Will you help me fight now and all summer long by supporting our “Summer Of Liberty” initiative so I can stand against the SPLC’s “hit operation,” fight for Sandra Merritt against the Planned Parenthood cabal, and continue other vital battles for liberty?  Please go here now to make your best tax-deductible gift to Liberty Counsel:

Support the Summer Of Liberty

This is truly “crunch time!” I cannot win these battles without your prayers and support! Even if you have already sent a gift, please prayerfully consider making your best possible tax-deductible gift this weekend to help.

Despite the volume and intensity of these battles, I remain optimistic because I am confident that TRUTH will prevail, and the anti-faith, anti-family censors will be exposed as we confront them with the law and the facts. We experienced two such victories in cases recently!+ + My special gift to you…

If you can help with a gift of any amount, I want you to have a frameable copy of the first print in our “Save Liberty” series featuring George Washington, the Father of our country.

Washington print HERE

Please go here to make your tax-deductible gift and to request your George Washington “Liberty” print.

I’m grateful for friends like you who are standing with us at this critical time. Your prayers and your support provide the critical difference we need to fight and win these battles.

In advance, thank you for your prayers and support, and may God richly bless you!

Mat Staver

P.S. Again, we remain $30,000 short of our “Summer of Liberty” goal for July. Liberty Counsel has been at the epicenter of some of the most intense “hit operations” from groups like the SPLC we have yet seen. I believe we have been called “for such a time as this” to stand for liberty, but we cannot stand without your help!

Please support our “Summer Of Liberty” initiative, and be sure to request the first in our Save Liberty print collection. Go here:

Support the Summer Of Liberty