Time is of the essence

As you have likely experienced, watching the devastation along the Texas Gulf Coast is heart breaking.

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey continues to inflict catastrophic disaster to Houston — the fourth largest U.S. city that is larger than the entire state of New Jersey.

There are reports of another dire situation unfolding in Port Arthur, Texas — a city Harvey has also submerged.

Now, the downgraded Harvey has moved into Louisiana’s Gulf Coast cities – inflicting damage and displacing many more victims of this epic storm.

Untold thousands have lost their homes, businesses, and everything they have spent their lives working for.

+ + Their need is immediate. Time is of the essence!

Today, we need to respond to the victims’ great need as Americans made in the image of God. Now is the time to stand united. Now is the time for prayer and to take action on behalf of these devastated and suffering people.

Water, food, clothing, medicines, and encouragement are all desperately needed.

Liberty Relief International is partnering with Christ-centered relief organizations to provide relief to these hurting people. Several organizations are already operating in accessible areas of southeast Texas. I want to release funds THIS WEEK to our partners who are already there. Will you help us help them with an immediate gift?

Your tax-deductible contribution today will help Liberty Relief International send vital resources to storm-ravaged Texas, and continue other vital efforts:


God bless you abundantly for your caring and generous support!

Please continue to pray for our friends and neighbors that found themselves in Harvey’s path!
Mat Staver