Troubled (LCAction)

Tuesday Morning

I’m troubled by the direction of the ObamaCare repeal debate in the Senate.

Reports indicate that pro-abortion forces are on the verge of winning the battle in the Senate to keep abortion and Planned Parenthood funding in any ObamaCare repeal.

Let me be clear: if we miss this historic opportunity to REPEAL OBAMACARE and DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD from our healthcare system, we may never have this opportunity again!

That’s why I instructed my staff to expand our Repeal ObamaCare efforts on Capitol Hill to press the GOP Senators who will decide this issue. Starting next week, our D.C. team will launch an aggressive strategy to push the repeal effort that includes taking our message directly to the media, massive hand-deliveries of petitions to key senators, and a “virtual march” on the Senate to represent the more than 2.4 million petitions opposing ObamaCare that have been gathered by Liberty Counsel Action and our partnering organizations.

This is the most aggressive effort we have launched on the most important legislative issue of the year, and I urgently need your help.

I want to deliver petitions to key Senate offices as soon as next week but we prefer not to do so until we reach 50,000 petitions. But we are still far short of our goal!

Please click here or on the image below to add your name to our “Repeal ObamaCare & Defund Planned Parenthood” petition and help us reach our delivery goal as soon as possible:

Again, this is the critical month! Our sources indicate that Senate leaders want a vote by the end of June. That’s why I need your help this week.

Please go here to sign, and may God bless you as you stand for life, liberty, and family!

Mat Staver