Trump: “Strong support” to end funding for terror (LCAction)

From the desk of:
Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

Oct. 9, 2017
While the Palestinian Authority (PA) endorses extreme hatred toward the Jews and incentivizes acts of terror, the U.S. sends hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars each year in “aid” money that is placed in the hands of terrorists and their families. It’s time for this flow of “aid” money to stop. It’s time for Congress to pass the Taylor Force Act and put an end to the PA’s despicable “Pay to Slay” policy. If Congress passes it, President Trump will sign it!

Click here to tell your congressman to put an end to our tax dollars being used for fostering hatred and acts of terror against Israelis. Our Capitol Hill representative will be delivering this vital petition tomorrow to key lawmakers!

The Trump administration has announced its “strong support” for the Taylor Force Act, a bill that restricts U.S. economic aid to the West Bank and Gaza until the Palestinian Authority stops paying terrorists guilty of violence against Israelis and Americans.

The Palestinian Authority has devoted almost half of its foreign “aid” money to rewarding acts of terror against Israelis. Since the U.S. provides over $700 million of direct and indirect aid to the Palestinians, our tax dollars are footing the bill to reward terrorists who kill American and Israeli citizens! Perhaps even worse, the more heinous the crime, the higher the payment.

+ + The Taylor Force Act must be passed and signed into law!

Please join with many others in signing our petition calling for Congress to STOP TAXPAYER FUNDING OF PALESTINIAN TERRORISM AGAINST ISRAEL AND AMERICA.

One click here or on the banner and your name will be automatically added to the petition.

stop anti-israel terror funding HERE

+ + The Palestinians openly incite violence against the Jews.

According to a recent Breitbart report, “Breitbart Jerusalem has documented several examples of the PA’s attempts to incite violence against Israel through its official media and educational mediums. Breitbart Jerusalem Chief Aaron Klein noted:

• Official PA TV broadcast a special edition of a show from the family home of a terrorist who murdered his Israeli employer 15 years ago, referring to him as a “hero” and a “source of pride for Palestine.”

• On Abbas’s Fatah TV, a Palestinian woman declared that the real meaning of “The Promised Land” is the place where Allah will fulfill his promise to exterminate all the Jews.

• An official PA daily newspaper published a cartoon last week depicting the message, ‘Water the soil with your blood.'”

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has rejected the U.S. calls to end their “Pay to Slay” incentives. “I don’t intend to cease payment for families of prisoner martyrs, even if it costs me my seat. I will continue to pay them until my last day, he said.”

The Taylor Force Act is a way to force the Palestinians to change their law – or lose funding.

Click here or on the link to add your name to our “Stop Anti-Israel Terror Funding” petition.

stop anti-israel terror funding HERE

Thank you for joining us!

Yours for Liberty,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. The Petition States:
I join with many other pro-Israel Americans in calling for the passage of the Taylor Force Act. The Palestinians must be held accountable for their egregious law that authorizes payments to individuals and their families who commit acts of terrorism against American and Israeli citizens. Economic aid must cease unless the Palestinian Authority stops its outrageous practice of rewarding terrorists and their families with financial aid. No more money for murder!