Unprecedented (Liberty Counsel Action)


With Justice Kennedy’s announced retirement, we are on the verge of seeing a dramatic shift in favor of life and liberty on the Supreme Court.

The scales could tip in favor of faith and freedom, but at the same time, we could LOSE EVERYTHING! That’s because we expect that the anti-faith Left will throw its full arsenal at President Trump and his allies. They will use the bogus Mueller investigation and threats of impeachment to derail even President Trump’s ability to nominate a new Justice. 

That means THIS SUMMER could be most critical time we have yet seen for defending liberty. And the key battles will be focused right in our nation’s capital.

Our Liberty Counsel Action team is gearing up for this unprecedented showdown. In July, we will launch our Supreme Court Liberty campaign to rally at least 100,000 citizens to defend the President’s right to nominate the next conservative justice to the Court. And we are pushing back against the agents of intolerance who are trying to destroy this President and anyone who dares to stand with his pro-faith and pro-America agenda.

But right now, I’m facing an absolutely critical financial challenge as we fight on these fronts. This weekend, we finish up our fiscal year end and we are still more than $15,000 short of our urgent funding need.

If you agree that this is a critical time and that we must have a strong voice for liberty in our nation’s capital, please go here now to make your best possible gift to help Liberty Counsel Action fight these and other battles:

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+ + They will try to block President Trump

Let’s be clear… the anti-faith Left knows what’s at risk with Justice Kennedy’s retirement. Justice Kennedy’s seat is the key swing vote that could put our nation back on the course of defending life, upholding faith and honoring family. With a conservative justice in that seat, we could finally see Roe v. Wade reversed! We could witness a historic restoration of the rights of people of faith as it relates to the marriage issue!

But this means the anti-faith, anti-life forces will use every possible tool to defeat this President… starting this summer!

That’s why our Liberty Counsel Action team must stay on point.

But to do so, I urgently need your help. 

Please… prayerfully consider how you can stand with Liberty Counsel Action at this critical time.  We need you now more than ever.

God bless you,
Mat Staver, President

P.S. We will count every donation online and check postmarked through this weekend toward meeting our fiscal year-end need. If you can help with a contribution of ANY AMOUNT, we’ll send you a custom print featuring President Abraham Lincoln’s “FINISH THE WORK” prayer. Please help me “finish the work”! Go here.

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