URGENT threat to destroy Liberty Counsel

From the Desk of:

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman

–Liberty Counsel Under Attack

Liberty Counsel has come under a direct attack by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a dangerous group intent on trying to destroy this ministry. You probably know about their false labeling of groups that disagree with them on marriage and the LGBTQ agenda. Now, the SPLC has joined in a lawsuit against us.This attack is part of a broader agenda by the ACLU, People for the American Way, SPLC, and other radical groups that seek to destroy their opposition through lies and intimidation. Several years ago, the SPLC listed Liberty Counsel and other leading Christian groups as so-called “hate groups” alongside its list of violent groups such as the Arian Nation and the KKK.

As a direct result of this false labeling, Floyd Corkins attempted to commit mass murder at the Family Research Council’s office in Washington, DC. Fortunately, Corkins was stopped by a security guard who was shot in the process. Corkins is now in prison. He confessed he acted because the SPLC listed the Family Research Council as a “hate group.”

But the SPLC has now taken its attacks to a whole new level in order to destroy Liberty Counsel.

Here is what is happening…

We were recently notified that Liberty Counsel is being sued by Janet Jenkins, a lesbian who entered into a civil union with one of our former clients, Lisa Miller. Lisa became a Christian and left the lesbian lifestyle. Jenkins then sought visitation and custody of Lisa’s biological child. A legal battle ensued between the courts in Virginia (where Lisa lived) and Vermont (where Jenkins lived). During Vermont court-ordered visitation with Jenkins, Lisa said her daughter, Isabella, began having nightmares, bedwetting, and tried to harm herself. Janet forced Isabella to bathe naked with her and forced her to listen to “Heather Has Two Mommies.”

While the legal battle was ongoing, Lisa Miller suddenly, and without notice, disappeared in 2009. When we lost contact with her, we notified the Vermont court and asked to withdraw, but the court refused our request. We had no knowledge of Lisa’s plan to flee and no idea of her whereabouts. In 2012, Jenkins filed a federal lawsuit seeking money damages against several people claiming they helped Lisa flee. Liberty Counsel was not named in the suit, but now in 2017 Jenkins added Liberty Counsel to her suit and the SPLC became co-counsel to this outrageous civil legal action.

This lawsuit is designed to send notice that any individual or organization that opposes the radical LGBTQ and anti-faith agenda will be punished or even destroyed.

The ACLU (which earlier represented Jenkins in the Virginia in the Virginia phase of this over a decade-long battle) and SPLC are flush with millions of dollars in new revenue acquired since the 2016 general election. We have chronicled how the ACLU has raised tens of millions of dollars in the past few months (including $24 million in one weekend!). And SPLC’s public records show hundreds of millions of dollars in reserves.

This lawsuit by the SPLC is baseless, but we must mount a rigorous defense that will cost money and time. This is a battle for the right of law abiding citizens to defend Judeo-Christian values without the threat of punitive lawsuits designed to cripple or destroy them!

+ + YOU are our first line of defense…

In order to turn back this attack, I need your help right now.  That’s why I am asking our team members to sign our “Save Liberty” Statement Of Solidarity and stand in prayer and support of Liberty Counsel during this fight.

This legal attack on your Liberty Counsel is part of a much larger agenda engaged by the ACLU, People for the American Way, SPLC, and other radical groups seeking to destroy their opposition through lies and intimidation… and YOU are our first line of defense!

The “Save Liberty” Statement says:

Yes, Mat! I’m standing with you and Liberty Counsel in this critical fight to “Save Liberty”! You can count on my prayers and support.

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I’m asking every Liberty Counsel team member to stand with us right now! We simply must turn back this attack. If we allow the SPLC and other radical groups to impose crippling penalties on groups like Liberty Counsel, they will have succeeded in silencing our voice and the voices of all the people of faith in our society!


YOU are our first line of defense! Your prayers and support are absolutely vital!

Will you sign our “Save Liberty” Statement Of Solidarity as we fight against the SPLC’s legal attack? Go here.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration, and may God bless you!

Mat Staver

P.S. Let me be clear: This attack on Liberty Counsel is an attack on every law-abiding citizen. If we do not fight back against the SPLC and other radical groups who want to destroy Liberty Counsel, then we all could lose our liberties! And YOU are our first line of defense! Please sign our Statement Of Solidarity and stand with us in this fight!