Liberty Counsel’s mission is clear — utilize the courtroom and the court of public opinion to defend our God-given liberties. We focus on three areas: advancing religious freedom, advancing the sanctity of human life and advancing the family. Liberty, Life, and Family.

Here is a quick look at some of our most significant victories in the courtrooms of America.

Advancing Religious Freedom

Alaska: Defended churches against the ACLU, which sought to have certain property tax exemptions revoked.

California: A school district must allow a Christian group to meet in public schools at no charge, so that the first after-school Good News Club can share the gospel and teach character and morals to elementary students in the nation’s second largest school district.

Florida: Court ruled that Christian church could locate in the heart of Cassadaga, Florida, thus becoming the first Christian church to operate in the all-spiritualist community since 1894.

Florida: Settled prior to trial, requiring that a community college revise its literature distribution policy, after students were threatened with arrest for distributing religious literature on campus.

Iowa: Settled prior to trial, requiring school to repeal policy and adopt a new one which allows students to pass out religious literature.

Kentucky: District court ruled that Ten Commandments set among historical documents regarding the development of American law and government is constitutional.

Massachusetts: Students must be allowed to pass out scripture verses; case resulted in best published legal opinion on the rights of students to distribute religious literature in public school.

Michigan: Settled before trial, requiring government housing authority to pay damages for attempting to evict woman for placing a religious sign in her window.

Michigan: Settled before trial, requiring school to adopt a new policy allowing students to distribute religious literature, including Campus Crusade For Christ “Survival Kits”.

New Mexico: Paved the way for new Christians to be baptized in a detention center.

North Carolina: Successfully defended a second grade boy who was told not to give Bibles to his friends on Valentine’s Day.

Ohio: Settled prior to trial, causing city to drop criminal charge against owner of facility for allowing church to meet there, and causing city to adopt ordinance favorable to churches.

Pennsylvania: Court ruled that banning religious meeting in community center is unconstitutional.

Texas: Required county to repeal policy banning use of community room for religious meetings.

Virginia: Part of the state constitution found unconstitutional under the U.S. Constitution, so that churches can incorporate and own unlimited amount of property for first time since 1777.

Washington: Successfully defended students who were suspended for peacefully praying before school.

Wisconsin: Court ruled that a city and state law banning literature distribution to occupants of vehicles or placing literature on cars are unconstitutional.
Nationwide: Successfully defended scores of Good News Club cases in many states, resulting in thousands of children being able to hear the gospel in after-school clubs in public schools.

Advancing the Sanctity of Human Life

Florida: Court ruled against pro-abortion groups seeking to block “Choose Life” license plates; Argued in favor of state law requiring informed consent for women considering abortion; Successfully argued before U.S. Supreme Court, regarding rights of sidewalk counselors.

Tennessee: Settled before trial, requiring city to repeal law used to stop pro-life picketers. Filed two amicus briefs with U.S. Supreme Court in successful defense of federal partial-birth abortion law.

Advancing the Family

Florida: Took over and won a case on appeal where judge ruled that sex and gender are in the mind, granting child custody to a transsexual.

Georgia: First case ever to declare a Vermont civil union is not equivalent to marriage, and a state and federal Defense of Marriage Act permits a state to ban same sex unions.

New York: Settled lawsuit against school district and stopped the first homosexual and sexually deviant high school in America.

Nationwide: Won huge marriage victories in New York, California, Tennessee, Connecticut and Nebraska. Defended marriage as the union of one man and one woman in over 40 separate legal cases.