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Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman.

No one the President has advanced to candidacy for Senate confirmation is more of a committed socialist change-agent than Thomas Perez, Obama’s recent nominee for the position of Secretary of Labor.

Obama’s nomination of Perez is an outrageous, in-your-face move by a smug President who feels he can get most anything past the American people in his second term.

Senators question Perez’ integrity.

Last Thursday, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions grilled Perez on a number of highly controversial dealings Perez has been involved in as the head of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

Senator Lamar Alexander accused Perez of doing “an extraordinary amount of wheeling and dealing.” In a terse confrontation during Alexander’s questioning, the Senator said this…

“…it seems to me that you’re manipulating the legal process to try to get the result you want…”

It doesn’t take much investigation to reveal what a radical social activist Thomas Perez actually is. According to J. Christian Adams, who worked for Perez at the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, “People like Perez are very skillful at creatively ignoring the law to suit their own ends.”

“This is a man for whom law is a nuisance … this is a man who is advancing a radical agenda by using his power in the Obama administration,” Adams told author Mark Levin.

A recent Inspector General (IG) report on the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, found that Perez interpreted voting protection laws “to not cover white citizens.” This is the reason he refused to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party when they used clubs to intimate citizens from voting.

The House is simultaneously investigating Perez!

Concurrent with his Senate confirmation hearings, Perez is also under the scrutiny of the House Committee on the Judiciary and the House Oversight Committee for possible improprieties.

Republican Senators released a scathing 63-page investigative report sharply criticizing Perez over an outlandish deal he brokered while serving under Attorney General Eric Holder.

These are far from isolated incidents of questionable action by Perez. In fact, Thomas Perez has been called the “most extreme cabinet nominee in the last seventy years.”

His tenure at the Department of Justice has fostered allegations of corruption, racism, unscrupulous tactics, and radicalism. Sadly, these appear to be the kind of credentials President Barack Obama was looking for when nominating our next Secretary of Labor.

Following the stinging defeat the administration received on gun control, we have a rare opportunity to say “No!” to the liberal progressive agenda twice in quick succession by stopping the Perez confirmation dead in its tracks!

Please, fax the Senate and demand Thomas Perez’s nomination be rejected in no uncertain terms!

With a simple click, Liberty Counsel Action, on your behalf, will send personalized faxes to key members of the Senate including your twolawmakers, and members of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, demanding opposition to Thomas Perez’ confirmation.

Go here now to schedule your personalized faxes for immediate delivery at this critical time!

Liberty Counsel has had our own run-ins with Thomas Perez.

The House Committee on the Judiciary, while holding a hearing on “Mismanagement at the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice” under Thomas Perez, invited Liberty Counsel’s Senior Litigation Counsel, Harry Mihet, to testify on this troubling subject based on an alarming situation Mihet experienced with Perez in 2010.

Mr. Mihet was the lead attorney in Liberty Counsel’s successful defense of Susan Pine, a Florida pro-life woman who endured a two-year baseless and politically motivated prosecution by the DOJ, under the leadership of Thomas E. Perez.

In his testimony, Harry told Congress…

“The Department of Justice has apparently forgotten its name and that its purpose is to pursue justice and protect civil rights, not unconstitutional, groundless claims manufactured by abortion clinics to intimidate and silence pro-life Americans.”

Perez is a man whose troubling record at the U.S. Department of Justice has thoroughly exposed his racial agenda and socialist political philosophy. His obvious disregard for equality under the law would spell disaster for a nation struggling to regain economic stability should he be confirmed.

And for his despicable actions, Thomas Perez is being honored by President Obama with a nomination to be the Secretary of Labor, where a primary function of the agency is to enforce and suggest laws involving unions, the workplace, and all other issues involving labor relations.

I can’t imagine a more anti-business, anti-recovery Secretary of Labor!

Liberty-loving Americans need to strongly challenge the Perez nomination to be Secretary of Labor – demanding that the Senate reject what Rush Limbaugh calls, “the most radical leftist Obama has ever nominated to his cabinet.”

Go here now and tell lawmakers to reject Thomas Perez

Thank you in advance for taking this important action with us!

Mathew Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

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