We must make our voices heard above those of radical leftist crowds (LCAction)

We must make our voices heard above those of rampaging leftist crowds! We are rallying pro-faith citizens to fight for the protection of religious liberty!

Join us by adding your name to an Open Letter to President Trump urging him to issue his executive order protecting religious liberty and right of conscience. This initiative is of the utmost importance! Click here to add your name.

Yesterday, President Donald Trump revoked the Obama administration’s lawless directive that sought to impose a so-called transgender or “bathroom” directive on public schools. The Obama directive would have forced schools to allow boys to uses the bathrooms and locker rooms with which they subjectively self-identify rather than their biological sex. Obama’s directive threatened school funding if schools did not comply.

We applaud the Trump administration for taking a stand against the Obama administration attempts to impose its unlawful and harmful LGBT agenda on public schools.

This is the fulfillment of one of President Trump’s many initiatives promised during the campaign season. Right now, the president’s executive order protecting religious liberty has been side-tracked.

Herein lies part of the problem: One look at the news and you’ll see that radical groups are working overtime to bully President Trump and members of Congress to prevent them from enacting the agenda that we put them in office to do. THEY now have the loudest voices and the mainstream media is aiding them by giving them all of the airtime they could possibly desire. We must change that narrative!

+ + The Trump administration has asked for our help and support!

Liberty Counsel Action’s contacts in the Trump administration are now specifically asking for pro-religious liberty citizens to speak out loudly in support of the pending religious liberty order.

We are notifying our team members of the request and asking you to stand with us through our Open Letter to President Trump supporting his executive order on religious liberty. We want to deliver 50,000 co-signatures of our Open Letter directly to the White House as soon as possible.

Additionally, Liberty Counsel Action is launching a multi-media campaign to reach up to 5 million pro-faith citizens to take a stand. We are rallying pro-faith citizens to take action before our religious liberty is decimated by powerful secularist organizations, anti-faith government agencies, and our courts.

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If the president is doing what we elected him to do, we must continue to do our part to help in support of this and other pro-faith initiatives.

We cannot be complacent. This is our time to begin the restoration of America to its founding principles, including the First Amendment. By uniting, all of us can still help usher in a new revolution of faith and values in our nation. That’s my prayer and I hope that it’s yours too.

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Thank you for taking this vital step with us!

Yours for liberty,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. The ACLU is threatening lawsuits if President Trump issues the executive order protecting religious liberty. Radical forces are rallying their base to stop President Trump and members of Congress from doing what we elected them to do.

It is imperative that we have every friend of Liberty Counsel Action on board with this campaign. The sacred right to religious liberty and freedom of conscience was the First Amendment enshrined in our Constitution – and it is non-negotiable.

Click here to read the text of the Open Letter and to add your name.