We Stand United With Israel!

Once again, the eyes of the world are on the events in the Middle East.

•The Obama administration has announced a six-month “interim” deal with Iran to lift the longstanding sanctions against the nation in exchange for concessions on their nuclear development program. The proposed deal is sparking international controversy and is pitting the Obama administration against many Members of the United States Senate.

•It’s reported that Barack Obama secretly began lifting sanctions months ago under the advisement of Iranian-born Senior Advisor to the President, Valerie Jarrett.

•Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called this agreement, “A Bad Deal – a Very, Very Bad Deal.” Netanyahu declared that Iran gains everything and loses nothing which will lead to further destabilization in the Middle East.

•Secretary of State John Kerry chided the Israeli leadership for building settlements in the region that he declared will one day be Palestine lands.

The Obama administration’s double-speak is once again throwing Israel under the bus!

Our current administration’s failed Middle East policies have already resulted in shed American blood, escalating violence, strong anti-American sentiment, and the threat of total chaos in the Middle East.

Israeli leaders will have to deal with the fallout from any United States intervention in Iran, in the same way in which they have been continually disadvantaged by Barack Obama’s incoherent and badly executed policy in the region.

That’s why we are delivering this message of loyalty and support to our most staunch Middle East ally: We Stand United With Israel!

This letter will be delivered, with your signature, to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, and seven key leaders in the U.S. Congress.  

The letter states:

An Open Letter to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Secretary of State John Kerry
United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power
Honorable Members of the United States Congress

In light of the failed foreign policies of our current American administration that have brought the Middle East into a dangerous state of upheaval, we, the undersigned American citizens, express our unwavering resolve to “Stand United With Israel.”

We acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s God-ordained, undivided capital, knowing that Israel’s sovereignty will protect the holy sites of all faiths, rather than allowing them to come under control of Hamas terrorists who hate Jews and Christians alike.

We honor Israel as our greatest and most trusted friend and ally in the region, and are grateful for the vital intelligence and technological advances developed by Israel that have enhanced our own national security.

We encourage President Barack Obama, the State Department, Congress, and the whole body politic of the United States of America to stand unwaveringly with Israel, without further sacrificing of Israel’s sovereignty, safety, security, or borders.



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