What’s behind the Hamas “March of Return”? (Christians in Defense of Israel)

Hundreds of Palestinians charged the Gaza/Israel security fence yesterday, forcing Israel to defend its border with live fire. Incredibly, the UN chastised Israel for using excessive force without a word of criticism for Hamas. Here’s what really happening with the Hamas “March of Return” . . . and why it could soon get worse — Mat.

You probably didn’t read this in the American news media, but a top Hamas leader issued a vicious anti-Israel pronouncement on April 6. 

Standing in a tent near the Israel-Gaza border, Hamas military leader and Gaza prime minister Yahya Sinwar whipped up “March of Return” protesters with a deadly threat aimed at Israel. 


“We will uproot the borders [with Israel],” Sinwar charged. “We will pluck out their [Israelis] hearts, and we will pray in Jerusalem.”

That, in a nutshell, is what the Hamas “March of Return” is all about. It’s a violent assault on Israel’s border–not the peaceful protest touted by Hamas propaganda and sometimes portrayed by American media. 

+ + Anything but peaceful

A week after Sinwar issued his blood-thirsty threat, another Hamas leader stood on an outdoor stage in Gaza City and made this dubious claim: “This blessed protest is national, peaceful, popular and civilized.” Behind him, Hamas hoisted huge posters of Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela, all icons of non-violent protest. 

A picture of that made-for-Western media stage-show ran in the New York Times, but not Sinwar’s ugly anti-Israel diatribe.

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The sad fact is that the American news media is not doing a good job of telling you what is really happening with the Hamas March of Return. In truth, it’s a riot on Israel’s border — complete with burning tires, firebombs, explosives, and attempts to cut Israel’s security fence and invade the Jewish state. 

Here’s something else not widely reported: 80 percent of protesters killed at the border are terror operatives or are linked to terror groups, according to a just-released analysis from Israel’s Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center.

+ + A more violent border clash may be coming

And Hamas has more in store. It’s planning a grand climax on May 15, “Nakba Day,” when Palestinians protest the “catastrophe” of modern Israel. A Ynetnews.com commentator, cited a report in a Palestinian newspaper, indicating;

“teams for breaking through the fence” have been training under the auspices of “the organizers”—in other words, Hamas—and are supposed to throw hooks at the fence and pull it down until it collapses. . . . 

If they succeed, thousands of Gazans could rush the border, forcing Israel to fire back, possibly leading to mass casualties. “That’s the ‘victory picture’ Hamas is looking for ahead of Nakba Day on May 15,” according to this Ynetnews.com analysis.

On May 15th, there could be bloodshed and death among Gazan protesters who will be paid handsomely by Hamas if they fall victim in storming the Israeli border, thereby giving Hamas the “victory pictures” it seeks. And those images, Hamas hopes, will be spread worldwide by media giants not favorable toward Israel.

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Happy Anniversary, Israel

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Mat Staver, President
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