Why Mueller must be stopped (Liberty Counsel Action)

Please read carefully my analysis, as a constitutional attorney, of what Robert Mueller just did —Mat.

America is rushing toward a constitutional crisis that threatens the very foundations of our Republic. It can only be averted by a citizen UPRISING to Stop Robert Mueller and his Witch Hunt against President Trump.

+ + Mueller’s Raid Proves This Is A Witch Hunt!

The latest actions by Mueller pushed this beyond the tipping point. When Mueller arranged the FBI raid of President Trump’s personal attorney’s office, this investigation officially became an extra-constitutional Witch Hunt that threatens our liberties. Raiding a law firm is an outrageous breach of attorney-client privilege. Such actions are rarely if ever utilized and would only be pursued as a last resort.

Considering that the grounds upon which Mueller pushed for this raid are dubious at best and totally unrelated to the original scope of his investigation (alleged Russia-Trump collusion), we have just experienced one of the most egregious examples of Deep State subversion of the institution of the presidency in American history. 

As a constitutional attorney who has engaged these issues at virtually every level of our state and federal court system — including arguing and winning key litigation before the U.S. Supreme Court — I can say that the government had no right to conduct this raid in this manner. As a result, I cannot sit by silently and allow Robert Mueller and the Clinton-Obama Deep State henchmen to rip apart the very fabric of our nation.

+ + We Stand To Lose Everything…

Let’s be clear… if Mueller wins, then we stand to lose everything!

Not only will Mueller and the Deep State henchmen destroy and even impeach President Trump, but they will have effectively subverted the results of the 2016 presidential election and nullified the votes of millions of Americans. Plus, the profound gains we have seen for life, family, and liberty since Donald Trump’s election will quickly be swept away.

But it gets even worse…

+ + Forget Overturning Roe v. Wade

If we don’t STOP MUELLER, then we will also lose any hope of restoring constitutional order to the U.S. Supreme Court, which right now stands just ONE JUSTICE’S RETIREMENT away from a profound shift back to the original intent of our founding fathers. That means we will lose any hope of restoring our religious liberties or re-establishing marriage.

And perhaps most damaging of all…

If the Mueller Witch Hunt succeeds, our last, best opportunity of reversing Roe v. Wade and ending the scourge of abortion on our land will be lost for perhaps the rest of our lives!

+ + National Citizen Uprising To STOP MUELLER!

That is why I have instructed my Liberty Counsel Action team to dedicate all necessary resources to this battle — first by exposing the dangerous and unconstitutional nature of the Mueller Witch Hunt and then by rallying grassroots support through a powerful new Liberty Counsel Action National “STOP MUELLER” Petition.

This petition is the first, vital step. We must rally tens of thousands of citizens to take a stand against this outrageous Witch Hunt and demand that Congress take action to STOP MUELLER. 

And so, with so much hanging in the balance, I’m turning to you and asking you to help me jump start this petition.

I want to rally 10,000 Liberty Counsel Action team members to sign this petition in the first crucial days — so we can take that momentum and reach our 50,000-signer goal within the month.

Will you help?

If you agree that the Mueller Witch Hunt must be stopped, then please click here to sign automatically with ONE CLICK Liberty Counsel Action’s STOP MUELLER petition:

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(See below for complete petition language)

This is critically important. Again, as a seasoned constitutional attorney, I cannot sit by silently and watch as a rogue “independent” counsel conducts a Witch Hunt that puts this presidency and our institutions at risk.

Please sign and then share this petition with your friends.

Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel Action

The “Stop Mueller” Petition States:
The Robert Mueller special counsel investigation has far exceeded its jurisdiction and it is time for Congress, the Justice Department, or the President to take action to Stop Mueller. The Mueller investigation is nothing more than a Witch Hunt that threatens the institution of the presidency. It’s time to Stop Mueller! 

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