Why we’re there (LCAction)

As you know, Liberty Counsel Action has for many years maintained a base of operations in our nation’s capital, just a short distance from Capitol Hill.

Why do we have a strategic base in our nation’s capital? To make your voice heard on the crucial issues of our day. During the Obama years, this has been extremely critical. Almost all of our efforts have been designed to expose, stop, or even slow down the rush of anti-family and anti-faith initiatives coming from Team Obama.

+ + Why this is our most critical season…

It’s been a full-time job standing “on the wall” for life, family, and liberty in our nation’s capital during President Obama’s administration. It’s been so rough that some have even questioned why we have maintained a presence on Capitol Hill even though the deck was seemingly stacked against us.

Still, we stayed. And we have fought the Obama agenda at every turn. Thanks to you, Liberty Counsel Action has rallied hundreds of thousands of citizen activists in hundreds of campaigns and presented your views before many leaders in our nation’s capital. We have exposed the dangerous lies of the Obama agenda, especially as it has impacted life, faith, and family. This work has been vital in keeping the flame of liberty burning in our land!

But now, we are entering the most important season of all in this battle for the very heart and soul of our nation and the rights of people of faith to stand in our culture.

In the coming months, we could witness a rollback of President Obama’s radical initiatives OR a decisive defeat of life, family, and religious liberties. If we fail to reverse course and restore liberty, our nation will not long survive!

+ + Will you dream with me for a moment?

Earlier this month, I worked with my Liberty Counsel Action strategy team to finalize our 2017 Action Agenda outlining our goals for the coming year. Will you be a visionary with me for a moment?

Confirm as many as three new pro-life Supreme Court Justices who will, in our lifetimes, roll back the abortion plague, ultimately overturn Roe v. Wade, restore constitutional order to marriage, and reaffirm our sacred religious liberties.—Construct a comprehensive repeal of Obama’s executive orders,only keeping orders that are consistent with our core principles.

Defund Planned Parenthood and establish a permanent ban on taxpayer funding for abortions in our laws.

Enact pro-life legislation that protects the conscience of Christian healthcare workers, ends gruesome late-term abortions, protects babies in the womb, and ultimately leads to a state-by-state total rejection of abortion.

Repeal of the oppressive “Johnson Amendment” that has unconstitutionally silenced countless churches, while strengthening the legal protections for pro-life and pro-family non-profit organizations.

Pass legislation prohibiting the government from discriminating against people who believe marriage is between one man and one woman.

Rescind the outrageous Obama transgender bathroom mandate and other mandates imposing the radical same-sex and transgender agendas now governing public schools, federal agencies, and the EEOC.

End the Iran deal and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and finally actually move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

This is just the beginning of the possibilities! I believe all this and much more can be accomplished in the coming weeks and months, but in order for us to turn back the tide against years and years of anti-faith, anti-family government oppression, we are going to have to push harder and work harder than ever before!

+ + For such a time as this!

That’s why I’m coming to you today. I believe Liberty Counsel Action — with our base of operations in our nation’s capital — was created for such a time as this! I am determined to “put my hand to the plow” and get our team working like never before to push back against tyranny and turn the tide toward liberty!

But right now, I’m facing an urgent crisis that threatens all of our our goals and dreams for restoring life, liberty, and family. As of this morning, Liberty Counsel Action is more than $50,000 below our budgeted goal for this year, with just two weeks left before the end of the year.

We simply must raise these funds to keep our team in our nation’s capital moving forward on what may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to roll back the Obama agenda and restore liberty.

That’s why I’m launching Liberty Counsel Action’s $50,000 “Roll Back And Restore” Year-End Campaign to ensure that our team is ready to roll back Obama’s oppressive regime and restore liberty.

Can I count on your help?


+ + Every Gift Doubled!

Thanks to some very generous friends and supporters of Liberty Counsel Action, every dollar you donate to our $50,000 “Roll Back And Restore” Year-End Campaign will be DOUBLED by a corresponding Challenge Grant. That means your $30 gift becomes $60; your $50 donation has the impact of $100; $100 doubles to $200.

This is vitally important. I believe the Lord has maintained our presence in the nation’s capital for such a time as this! We have a historic opportunity to roll back the Obama agenda and restore liberty in our laws — but we must have a voice in the halls of Congress more than ever!
I’m praying that you will help Liberty Counsel Action meet this critical year-end need. We simply must make up our budgetary shortfall by the end of the year so we can roll back the Obama agenda and restore liberty in the new year.

Thank you in advance, and God bless you or your faithful support!

Mat Staver

P.S. Again, every gift to our “Roll Back And Restore Challenge Grant” will be doubled. Please help us meet this critical $50,000 year-end need so we can roll back the Obama agenda and expand our efforts on Capitol Hill to restore liberty in our laws. Go here to help: