Widespread Anti-Trump Conspiracy! (Liberty Counsel Action)

The breaking news exposing what appears to be a massive Anti-Trump conspiracy changes everything. The FBI, the Clinton campaign, the Obama White House, AND Democrat members of Congress seem to have been caught red-handed weaponizing federal agencies and attacking the Trump campaign and the Trump presidency.

But unless patriots like you and I take immediate action, this DOJ/FBI cover-up that extends to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could go unpunished!

That's why I'm asking for your help to fund an EMERGENCY expansion of Liberty Counsel Action's efforts in our nation's capital to expose what appears to be a vast left-wing conspiracy against President Trump, while we continue other vital efforts.

Specifically, we must raise $35,000 OVER AND ABOVE our current budgetary needs THIS MONTH to ensure that our team is fully engaged in this and other critical efforts.

Let's face it…

The liberal media WILL NOT demand the truth! The DEEP STATE factions that control much of our nation's government WILL NOT demand the truth! Many key members of Congress clearly do not want to get to the bottom of this.

We must directly put the pressure on our leaders! My team in D.C. — representing your voice — can get the job done. But I must have your financial support right now.

Can you help THIS WEEKEND so that we can stay on track and get our team in D.C. working to DEMAND THE TRUTH and expose what may be the worst political conspiracy in American history?

Go here now to make your best possible gift to support Liberty Counsel Action's work in our nation's capital to expose this anti-Trump conspiracy while we continue other vital efforts:

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+ + Our gift to you…

If you can help Liberty Counsel Action fight back against the DC Swamp with a gift of $25 or more, we'll send you a copy of a breakthrough new book on President Trump's successful first year in office called Making The Presidency Great Again.

This book shows how the President has implemented the most pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-America agenda of any president in decades. And let's be clear… they want to destroy President Trump because of his pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-America agenda!

That's why I want you to have this new book, and why I need your help to bolster our efforts in our nation's capital so we can expose these attacks and stand for faith and family.

Can I count on your help?

This is absolutely a CRITICAL time for faith and freedom!

If we do not stand and fight now, those who oppose faith, family, and freedom will destroy this President and destroy any chance for restoring our nation's foundations.

Please go here now to help me meet this critical $35,000 budgetary need SO OUR TEAM CAN FIGHT FOR YOU AND FIGHT FOR TRUTH in our nation's capital!

Thank you in advance, and may God bless this great land!

Mat Staver,
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. We must demand the TRUTH and expose the vast anti-Trump collusion that now appears to extend all the way from Congress to the Justice Department to the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign. I want to keep my Liberty Counsel Action team fighting for truth in D.C., but I must meet this critical $35,000 budgetary need this month. Please go here to help, and thank you so much for your partnership.

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